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RTI Application Form

To File a RTI Application under the Right to Information Act 2005

Click on the below listed links which are the forms  and which can be directly filled and printed out.

A new RTI Application Form has been put up now,as there are various departments across the Country in case of users finding Any Departments which are missing please inform us so that we can update the same, kindly allow 24 hours for updation. Kindly use the below mentioned form which has all types of RTI Application Forms in 1 place.

Application for obtaining information under The Right to Information Act 2005

If you have not got a reply after 30/45/60 days for your RTI Application or if your are not satisfied with the reply provided, please use the below link which is a form for filing a Appeal,Please note along with your first appeal kindly attach self attested RTI Application Copy.

RTI first Appeal Form

If your concerns are related to the life and liberty of a person you can file the below RTI Application. Please note this form is direct download.

48 hrs RTI Application



  • Alex Paul said:

    Dear Sir

    Do BEST (bus service) fall under RTI,they have been playing a havoc at many places,specially in our area in Mumbai,can we file a RTI and if yes where.

    Thanking You
    Alex Paul

  • john said:


    I want to know when Mr sharad pawar will resign


  • praveen kumar said:

    i want to save india from corruption.corruption is like a cancer.

  • Dibya said:

    How to control the manipulation of commitment before land acqusition and action after getting the land acqusition done. Govt also divert from its comitments.

    How to check it????????????????????

  • Trupti said:

    i was serving as a teacher in one of the reputed school since last three year as shishak sahayak and without giving me any prior notice or any memo, school authority has issued a letter to me stating that now we don’t require your service anymore. So am i liable to ask for my service book as well as the reason behind my dissmisal?

  • Well Wisher said:

    This RTI Application Form is very helpful for all the RTI Activists and Citizens to file RTI. In this article you have provided three links of RTI Application Forms. I want to know that when to file which RTI Application Form. Thanks. I am waiting for your reply

  • Suresh said:

    Thank you for posting RTI Application Form on your website. This RTI Application Form is very helpful.

  • Abhishek pathak said:

    I want rti about mr.prafull patel

  • Meera biswas said:

    Sir I’m widow and i have filled a “rastriya parivarik labh yojana” form, but those who help me to fill the form, demanded money from me. What can i do?

  • editor said:


    Please mail us the form copy along with your address and contact number and we will fill the form and email it to you.

  • Ashwin Pancholi said:

    Hi I want to file RTI against local municility & RTO officer whom to write & what will be fee of it. I have heard that if i write RTI application in 20Rs. stamp paper no fees had to be paid.

  • editor said:

    Court fees depend as per your state, if you are in Maharashtra,Mumbai, you can put a court fee stamp of Rs.10 on an RTI application and file an RTI, in few Municipal offices you can pay cash and file an application.Kindly check what is the applicable method of court fee payment when filing an RTI, regarding whom to address in Municipality it is to the PIO of the particular department from which you need to get information and at RTO it can be at the particular office with the PIO of that office.

  • anupma said:

    I am working in an engineering college, which is affiliated to MDU, Rohtak and Under AICTE. This college is not paying 6th pay commission till know. Am i able to fill RTI against this to know why they are not paying 6th pay commission. please guide me.

  • shyamal kr. dey said:

    I retired on 30.9.2010., yet i did not get my return money from group insurance as my official person H.A of state government,not yet been
    billed for payment,so how can i appeal to my authority under the right
    to information act.my office under the home department west Bengal-kolkata police.

    would you please send me the address

    waiting for your information.


  • Nanda Kumar said:

    I would like to place a issue before the activisits
    in the meeting to be held Adarsh Nangar Worli at 5pm on 1st Oct 2011 with a view to get guidance to get justice in this issue. Please let me know whom I can contact either through mail,phone or in person.

  • editor said:

    Please attend the meeting you can Contact:
    Sunita Godbole 9594150430 or mail her on sunitagodbole@gmail.com

    You may also email jebypatel@rediffmail.com

  • RAJESH said:


  • editor said:

    yes it is possible

  • a friend said:

    i am a victim of rti misuse…
    one of my relations is working in a private firm on a high cadre.he is misusing RTI for settling his personal score and troubling me and all my wellwishers.
    i am really in a very bad need of help…can u people give me any contact number of andhrapradesh or karnataka or any mailid to which/whome i can discuss my problem to be solved.

  • a friend said:

    i am a victim of rti misuse…
    one of my relations is working in a private firm on a high cadre.he is misusing RTI for settling his personal score and troubling me and all my wellwishers.
    i am really in a very bad need of help…can u people give me any contact number of andhrapradesh or karnataka or any mailid to which/whome i can discuss my problem to be solved.

  • mohit rana said:

    Dear Admin,

    My name is mohit, and i have a very intersting case to discuss with you guys. What a person can do if some case have been under supreme court from appox 10-11 years with no result confirmation from court or from the faulty firm. Have you guys ever heard about “Golden forest scam” where a lot peoples lost their money my father is one of victim of that fraud. From 10-11 years we are hearing that case is under supereme court scanner and is under process.Cant understand what the hell is going on.So i want of make use of this power of rti, can you please guide me with correct procedure.We want our money back.
    Thanks in advance for ur help.

    Thanks once again,

  • siddharth said:

    Respected sir/mam,
    subject-as a consumer i would like to bring it to your notice there a issue with a bharat petrol pump located@badlapur west,add-patil petrol pump belavli,badlapur-ambarnath rd,badlapur421503 dist thane.

    dear sir,
    The said bharat petrol pump always serve mixed fuel which hampers the brand name of(BP)also the vehicles a lot,they never ensure zero meter before delivering the fuel in d vehicle aswell,& if objected they do not respond in a proper way & do abuse for i.e if asked to fill the fuel of rs.100,they never enter the said amount in the machine and purposely will deliver only rs.99 petrol,i notice it every day and has become a habbit.

    i kindly request being a consumer it has become a pain for everyone since its the closest pump for many of us to commute & its in to public intrest so some necessary action is expected,moving further seeking your assistance & grace for the mentioned issue,kindly do the needfull


  • siddharth said:

    respected sir/mam

    could you plz help me with the list of activist&(PIO)s for thane,kalyan or ambarnath city,so i can write to them directly &follow up with issue ASAP kindly revert on my mailing add. in regards to same


  • siddharth said:

    dear sir,
    i want to file an RTI against a petrol pump and his employees for misbehavin and violating the rules& regulations of a petrol pump like serving mixed fuel,and never ensuring zero meter before delivering the fuel in d vehicle also for i.e if asked to fill the fuel of rs.100,they never enter the said amount in the machine and purposely will deliver only rs.99 petrol,i notice it every day and has become a habbit.

    sir i want to know the entire process abt how can i stop it,who is the concerned person or activist like(PIO)s and what will be the fees,
    kindly also help me with ph.nos so i know the link.


  • Sneha said:

    Respected Sir,
    i am from pharmaceutical background seeking some help to relax my mind from illegal work that i have to do in pressure of our senior, even they are also pressurize to do the same by management and by the director, i am working in drug testing lab, here we are testing the drug samples for their purity, stability and for toxicity,and also for other procedure,but some drugs are related to pregnancy, and here people preparing only the reports without the testing the drug samples, i wanted to know how the private sectors get the approval (government well known body certified) without having sufficient technical facility and technical staffs,and how they appointing non technical persons to conduct the experiments if their any criteria made by government look these corrupt people? what can i do make them feel to do right?

  • lead India said:

    Hi everybody,
    Can I file RTI against crafts & handlooms run by govt..I have been given two bills with different rates & quantity, one at the time of purchase with the exact quantity I purchased & the rate what he said, second bill at the time of delivery by parcel with increased quantity but with lesser amount of about 25% of price in 1st bill of each.Total of both bill are same.i doubt the amount I paid is more,,,kindly give me solution
    ex.1st bill qt4*price3000 = 12000
    2nd bill with parcel qt12*price1000 = 12000 but parcel had only 4qt

  • sushilgothane said:

    sir,i am ex/s/m, i find many d g r sponcerd agency which run by retd officer of deffance, who sit s at home roylly,and give away the agency on placement to tots. who works at their liberty, and no body bothers, of their guards,whats wages they gats and recoverd later,they don;t gat their authorisation of dress,hra,medical claim,ect. nither employee is deprived contractor and main employee.even guards do not gates inhanse d a every 6 months its dissolve within system, many of guards r not aware of p
    /f balance../states.resulting 15000 cr rs panding with epfo commissonors office,likewise many more to come,
    will d g r/navratana compney/vegelince eye/ ed’s/c m d;s of estt,will tak care of u need more fire,////

  • editor said:


    Please send in your details along with your contact number on news@rtiactivist.com and we will revert to you shortly.

  • vishal sharma said:

    dear sir
    i m working as a stinger in reputed news paper.i asking the information from forest department regarding misusing the fund for new plantation in the forest and forest land aquire by the land mafia,a scandle made by the range officer and in this scandie so many preson are dismissed but after some time come back on his job.when i put a rti to get information about this thrugh rti. from the department send me a letter to submit the 58000 rupes for that information . but i m not able to pay this amount.pls help me how can i get information regarding all these scandle

  • editor said:

    Hello Vishal,

    Please mail your query to news@rtiactivist.com, in detail to understand the issue and try and workout a solution for it.also do put in your contact number incase we need to get in touch with you.

    Kind Regards,

  • Jt.Editor said:

    let us discuss. Krish

  • Sneha said:

    sir please give me detail about i requested earlier please

  • editor said:

    Hello Sneha,

    Could you mail your request again to news@rtiactivist.com, and we will revert back to you shortly.

  • mahesh said:

    give me details about RTI and how to collect information of any goverment deparment…….
    mahesh mali

  • editor said:

    Hello Mahesh,

    Mail us the details of the specific department along with what you need to understand and assist you better.

    Kind Regards

  • Harsh kumar said:

    I wan to know by rti act that ,when will inflation decrease n this centrl gov of upa will swept out..

  • Harsh kumar said:

    How can we apply for info through rti?

  • editor said:

    Dear Mr.Harsh,
    Please understand under RTI you can ask for documents pertaining to the questions you have which are existing with the particular government body or department, please dont ask something like kindly provide a progress report of anything say take for example (road repairs ), you need to be asking documents which are existing, there is no such thing called as progress report, kindly ask for files or documents which exists, i.e in the above example you can ask for kindly provide the copies of tenders and bills of road repairs on veer Nariman road….etc ,etc, along with kindly provide with the work completion report on the basis of which the bill was cleared for the road repairs etc.etc.

    Kind Regards,

  • manish rathore said:

    dear sir,

    I want to know how to file a rti application in against of passport office.
    Becauase i deposited my passport application form on 18 of august and till now i havnt got any reply.
    Plz sir reply me.
    Manish rathore

  • editor said:

    Dear Manish,

    The minimum time the passport office takes is approximately 1month, had you applied in Tatkal ?, do check with the police stn if the verification has come there and revert.

  • manish rathore said:

    thanks sir….
    But i have applied at 18 august so it take two and half month…no sir i havn’t applied for tatkal.and i check to police station at nearest chokki they send my application to thana.plz sir tell me how i file rti or on which department i file rti on police or passport office….thanks sir
    I have urgent requirement for it on my job….

  • manish rathore said:

    i have checked on nearest chokki and thana bt not at sp office.both they sent my report….and i was not applied for tatkal…plz sir reply me..

  • rohit dedha said:

    R.T.I rock sir.

  • kalaiarasu said:

    dear sir i am not influent in english so i am unable to express my feelings correctly so i requesting you to tell how i send my message in TAMIL.

  • editor said:

    Dear Kalaiasau,

    Please write to us in Tamil and we will try and translate it through Google or you can translate the same and mail us again and we will assist you with your queries.

    Kind Regards,


  • Anup Singh said:

    I want to open an NGO alongwith my friend that work will be Rain Water Havesting for irrigation in Distt. Pauri Garhwal, State Uttarakhand. We don’t know nothing about NGOs. Please give full informations keeping this thing in mind.

  • Manoj said:

    I am a student rtc institute of technology since three month. Due to my mother illness and poor economy condition i want to drawback my admission from the college. When i asked my original certificate, the director of the college refused to give the certificate and he said that i provide your certificate after one year or four year later. What can i do know, please help me i am in dark. I have no brother and sister and my father is no more in this world. I provided 1semester fee but after this logic of one year i have to pay 2sem. Fee means one year without studing. I am poor how can i provide the fee, it is blackmailing. Please help me.

  • editor said:

    Dear Manoj,
    Please send in the details of the institute including the telephone numbers and contact address, along with the persons name.
    we will revert back to you on the same, after verifying the details.

  • Prity said:

    I would like 2 know whether we gather the information about common individual such as some individual marriage status…as we have doubt that person hiding truth about marriage intention to cheating us…we can’t go to Police because we don’t have any proof..If yes please tell the whole procedure as Postal Address ,fee and to whom favour of cheque or demand draft drawn.

    Plz reply soon..its some thing vry important for my life…asap Do the needful..Its my humble request any one have any idea please reply soon..I’l be very oblige

  • indresh said:

    why private medical colleges do not allow mobile phone in hostel if they catch it 250000 fine…..

  • editor said:

    Hi Indresh,

    Is it so ? Well Indresh there have been lot of unwanted things happening in hostels and they have been coming to light in the media, if banning mobiles is not an option, what else is, to curb the acts which have been coming to light ….any suggestions ?

  • Guru Dayalsah said:

    Hi Sir

    I am a consumer of Bharat Gas and consumer no. is 882.My cylinder is delivered through Aditya Bharat Gas, Dist: Araria, Bihar. They never give the cylinder on time. One can’t book before 21 days and if one books, he is supposed to get cylinder in 10 to 15 days after the booking. I nailed on website many times but of no use. No one pick up the phone in Patna office. Can Rti help in this regard.

    Pls guide me.

    Guru Dayalsah

  • Gyan Dev said:

    I have applied for Passport in April 2010.Till date I haven’t get the passport.Meanwhile I went to passport office several times.Every time they find any issue.Last time they told me that they are in need of Address proof.I have submitted my Bank Account details (Bank of Baroda)as my address proof.They told me that now withing one n half month I’ll get my passport and there is no need to come again.This was happen in April 2011.But till date there is no response.

    My question is if my form was incomplete then how they submitted and again when they ask for address proof and while submission why they submit if that was not valid.They should reject that time.now where can I complain this matter.I have applied in Patna RPO.

  • Lalit Sharma said:

    Hi Sir…
    Mene r.t.i. Pr 10/= ka stamp lagaya tha & jankari bhi questions method se bhi nhi kiye the. But wha se reply aaya hai ki aapka r.t.i. Ka ans. Nhi de sakate kyoki ye process k anurup nhi h. Plz. Tell me sir what i do….?

  • editor said:

    Hello Mr.Lalit,
    Please mail your queries on editor@rtiactivist.com with the above subject and we will revert back to you.


  • asiya said:


    under the rti act, is it possible where i can ask for details regarding my case in which they have already given the judgement. in the judgement copies the court stated that i have not submitted any letter or no documents have been produced this is oje of the reasons they mentioned in the order copies. but i had given the required documents. i want to know where are those documents. pls help.

  • editor said:

    Hello Asiya,

    Please email the details on editor@rtiactivist.com with the above subject line and we will revert back to you.


  • haridas mandal said:

    posted my draft PIL on the issue of running of URCs by CDA est/staff who are not even eligible to avail CSD facility.I have explained the isue there in details. I have mailed you the scan copy of the relevant documents in support of PIL . Need help.

  • editor said:

    Dear Mr.Haridas,

    Request you to resend the mail as we have not received the same.will revert to you after going through the same.


  • Ankit said:

    Sir I want to file RTI to “Nagar Palika” regarding how much fund
    allocated them in last 10 years from the government and how much of it
    they utilized and where utilized.
    So how to built the application ….please guide me sir
    I am from Maharashtra…so please help me sir…….

  • Meena Rajashekar said:

    Dear Sir,

    We are living in a house for more than 20 years which is now said to be a Housing board property and we have received a notice to vacate the house also. But the Survey no. mentioned in the notice and the survey no. of our house differs. I have applied for EC, but nothing is there in EC. we have all Tax receipts, EB card and sale deed. So, we (alng with our neighbours) approached a lawyer and paid a fees of 20,000 /- each of us to enquire about the issue. Finally, they asked us to deal straight away with Tahsildar, V.A.O & Housing Board Dept. To measure our land and confirm, ppl are asking another Rs. 4,000 /-. Kindly help us whom to approach to get our things resolved without bribe. Pls send your reply to my mail id.

  • rashid said:

    In musaboni Im hearing from last year that a resolution has been passed for the construction of the dumpy roads of musaboni but still it is not been constructed. It is filled with swamps during rain. So please tell me when it will be constructed????

  • IKVAL SINGH said:

    sub: possession of flat no 302, tower no 4. (birch), the orchard residency,ghatkopar

    i am facing problem with runwal realtly pvt ltd builder.after paying full payment of the flat at the orchard residency he is not giving us the possession of the flat.he is forcing us to take the car parking which we didn’t opted.please let me know whether you can help me.
    thanking you
    ikval singh

  • vvvvv said:

    sir want to ask u first hw to becomerti activist i askd for some info on net in some rti website to ministry of defence but i still didnt got it . i asked for admission quota for defence in medical college seat. from where to get info ??? is i applied wrong wAY i askd my frnd he said we can get info from the respective deparment office only is it true???

  • Nitin t shetty said:

    Dear sir
    i want to start fast food van hawking in Mumbai , as per my rnd til date mcgm has not permited to do such type , they dont have any act in their act book regarding it my only question is if it can b on an un higinique bakda without facilities then why cant b in a fully equiped van ,if its allowed in foreign countries y not in india thes r my questions , dear sir please guide me the procedures for establishment .

    thanks regards
    nitin shetty

  • KOSHY M K said:

    I could not collect the documents and details called for from the Public Information Officer and also from the appellate authority from a local body in Kerala
    Pls inform the name and address of the State Information Commission, Kerala for filing a complaint

  • sridhar vinjam said:

    Sir, I requested for some information pertaining to fillingup of certain posts in the University, the appellate authority being the registrar.the information was partially provided and was not satisfactory.Now can u tell me whether I can proceed legally or shall I have to approach the next authority i.e. Chancellor of the University based on the material which I have ?
    Please send an email to me if possible.