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RTI Activist Krishnaraj Rao : Maharashtra RTI Rules Amendment – The Process Began in 2009

2 July 2012 One Comment

RTI Activist Krishnaraj Rao

 RTI Activist Krishnaraj Rao : Maharashtra RTI Rules Amendment – The Process Began in 2009

2 July 2012, Mumbai:  RTI activists of other states should take a lesson from the experience of Maharashtra RTI activists, and be very alert. Maybe they should all file RTI applications to their Law and Judiciary department and General Administration Department to find out what is going on. Because, by reading the documents procured under RTI from General Administration Department by RTI activist G R Vora, we are surprised to find that the process of amendment was quietly going on for the past 2-3 years, unknown to all of us.

G R Vora, Civic & RTI Activist

Also, it was originally proposed to amend the rules so that one may only ask for one year’s information in a single Maharashtra RTI Rules Amendment. However, the government was advised that such a rule would be illegal.

See the October 2009 dates circled on page 4 of part 1 of this RTI reply: http://tinyurl.com/GRV-Maha-RTI-Rules-Amndmnt-dox

[Note: GR Vora got 60 pages of government documents in English and Marathi, totaling about 45 mb. This is divided into two parts to facilitate download.]

Maharashtra activists were taken by surprise a couple of months earlier, when we learned about this amendment post-facto from an unofficial source – the March edition of a private publication sold outside Mumbai’s city civil court: http://tinyurl.com/Mrashtra-RTIRulesAmend-Jan2012


The community of RTI activists and users of Maharashtra felt betrayed that the state government had not taken us into confidence by holding a public consultation. They reacted very strongly. Some activists have challenged this amendment in Bombay High Court.

We requests our fellow activists – especially those who are comfortable analyzing Marathi documents – to study these documents and share their understanding with all of us on internet. Quite probably, there will be lessons in it for RTI activists from all states on how to be more watchful, and not get taken by surprise in future.

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  • Haridas Mandal said:

    Dear All
    let’s petition govt of India, The High Courts of India, The Supreme Court of NRI sorry India , The SICs and the CIC if we are convinced that what has been done by the govt of Maharastra is wrong and may be replicated by the other states as well.
    We must ask the SICs and the CIC why they are not proactive. It’s time that RTI Act 2005 is made applicable to Private enterprises , the NGOs as well. Even if whole of the govt at the centre and at the States are sensitized, all the govt servants become ‘Yudhirthiras’there will be “hundreds and thousands of Duryadhanas” out side the govt domain in the forms of Private employees.
    Money in black or in whites comes from those hundreds and thousands of Duryadhanas through Neera Radias . Even if Raja is caught and put behind Jail there is every chance there will be more Rajas and the Ranis who are not caught.
    All those amendment leads to nothing as we have empowered our LORDSHEEPS with absolute powers like that of Feudal Kings in the environs of OLIGARCHY.It is those YOURLORDSHEEPS who have collectively failed our society.We need to create an atmosphere where a few honest to the core YOURLORDSHIPs emerges out without being bred from a manuwadi manhoos DNA.Or else we need to switch over to JURY system which willempower the hapless, the lowly class and the deprived including lowly birth women.
    Or else we will keep on cribbing against such blatant abuse of bureaucratic power as they are secured from YOURLORDSHEEPs.