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Suicide of RTI Activist in Gujarat !! Will justice be done?

27 February 2011 No Comment

immolation image for depiction purpose


If the attacks and killings of the RTI Activist’s were less,its now the Government Machinery which is one more Culprit added to the list.Gujarat RTI Activist , Jabbardan Ghadavi committed Suicide by immolating himself,this was when he failed to get information he demanded in his RTI Application.

As per the family of Jabbardan Ghadavi, residents of Rapar in Kutch district  Ghadavi was under continuous threats  from PSI R G Parmar, Mamlatdar A Zala, and Talati of Dhavdi village Pravina Jadhav after he had sought information relating to a land revenue case record of 1958,the 45-year-old RTI activist set himself ablaze in the compound of the Mamlatdar’s office  after warning the Mamlatdar 2 days in advance that he would immolate himself !!! still  no body stepped in to stop Gadhvi.

The police  are in the process of  collecting the land records of the disputed case but the Talati Pravina Jadhav, who was in possession of all the records has gone missing which raises more suspicions in this  case .

Even after the Ghadavi family already provided documents as evidence to the special investigation team formed to investigate into the case nothing seems to be moving yet.

On one hand the Government speaks of  Safe gaurding RTI Activist’s by providing protection to these Brave Whistle Blowers and on other hand delay in the implementation of such provisions to protect  activists in the RTI Act is drawing more flak from the Citizens.

It is not a secret that the police work under political influence. So, how effectively they will come forward to provide protection to activists and not the guilty officials is a big question,which is already prominent in this case.


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