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Stop caste politics in Maharashtra SIC selections: Sign this letter to CM

1 February 2012 One Comment

RTI Activist & Jt.Editor krishnaraj Rao

(From the Jt.Editor & RTI Activist Krishnaraj Rao’s Desk) Below is the transcript of the letter which is being sent to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Prithviraj Chavan in regard with the selection process of SIC ( State Information Commissioner).

Dear friends,

Our sources in Mantralaya have informed us that Chief Secretary Ratnakar Gaikwad is tipped to become Chief Information Commissioner in November 2012, thanks to the efforts of a Dalit lobby. While we have nothing against Dalits or any other group, we object to lobbying, nepotism and other non-transparent processes of selecting public officials, especially information commissioners.


Since October 2010, RTI in Maharashtra is suffering because of short-term appointments of Chief Information Commissioners (Vilas Patil 9 months, Vijay Kuvlekar 7 months). Before they settle into their jobs and convey their methods of working to the commission staff, it is time for them to retire. Because of this, plus shortage of Information Commissioners, pendency is rising.


We learn that after Mr Kuvlekar retires on February 7, it is planned to nominate Bhaskar Patil (Amravati Bench) as the chief or acting chief, owing to his seniority. This may be a good thing for Mr Patil, but we really must stop accepting such short-term measures. We must strongly ask the CM to appoint a chief who will complete a five-year course. Also, we must insist on transparent selection of five or six information commissioners to hear the piled-up cases.


Accordingly, we have drafted a letter to Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan. We will dispatch it on Friday, Feb 3 at about 3 pm, with copy to General Administration Department. Please add your names as signatories.


To be a signatory to this letter, please email your name, professional designation and mobile number to grvora1@gmail.com before 1.00 pm on Friday.

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  • haridas mandal said:

    Mr RTI Activist & Jt.Editor krishnaraj Rao I would sincerely request you to take up issue with the Sankaracharyas with the croocked sticks to ask all the Raos, The Advanis, the Jaitleys and such others who still wear a bunch of white threads around their shoulders to qualify them to be Brahmin ( i.e Brahma Gyani) by birth by default. That’s the root cause of Caste politics. Stio that first. And then aggressively fight for the lower castes to to replace those thread wearing so called brahmins by caste to act as the direce descendent of Goddesses in Gucci & Gods without Mustaches. I have nothing against so called Brahmin or Upper acstes by default but you can’t eat it and have it too. Start getting castes ripped of from those Sankaracharyas, the Mahacharyas , the Acharyas etc etc rest will automatically take shape. But before that do not try to be colour blind. Caste is a curse in India, it is worse than the Racism and no RTI movement including Lokpal Bill movement can be worthy of its efforts if basics are neglected.