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RTI Activist Mohammed Afzal’s Findings : Shortage of Staff within Various Government departments.

25 May 2011 No Comment

Here are few of the findings of RTI Activist Mohammed Afzal in which he points out the staff shortage problem within 28 Departments of Mantralaya as well as outside like SIC, Traffic, RTO  dept.etc and imbalance created by the state Government. Mohammed has also sent out letter’s to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and is also in process of filing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on the same.

The Government GR putting a stay on recruitments in Class III & IV is stayed till 4th of JUNE 2011.

The attachments are the gist of the entire issue.

The Link below contains documents in details from each and every dept within Mantralaya as well as outside like SIC, Traffic, RTO  dept.etc


There are 3 highlights to this issue:

  • Shortage of Staff within 28 departments of Mantralaya, The shortage of staffs of each such department outside Mantralaya will be manifold. And then if staff is  diverted from departments outside Mantralaya, administrative work is hampered. Staffs are unable to complete assignment as per citizens expectation. Therefore they have to bare the brunt of public anger. Work gets delayed and citizens are suffering. The govt staff is under great stress to deliver.
  • Employment & Self Employment Exchanges across Maharashtra. All State Govt Depts have to get themseves registered with this exchange compulsorily. ESEE issues notifications of vacancies in Govt Departments and on the other side there is regular registration of Job seekers. When Notifications is issued for Govt Vacancies, job seekers application are submitted and that how the job seekers get adjusted. In the case of Maharashtra, only 1 % job seekers are adjusted so far till date by the Employment Exchange across Konkan Division.
  • Govt of Maharashtra has stayed the recruiting process via a GR till 4th of JUNE 2011 for class IV staffs. The problem is that the State Govt has created imbalance. It has been increasing the posts at the Class I level, but due to the shortage of staff in Class III & IV, the staff who actually do the work are not being recruited. Meanwhile, the numbers of Class I officials, who only sign, have kept increasing.

Mohammed’s RTI Application to the Chief Secreatary is stuck as they have asked him to write to individual PA. His query was — prove percentage of staffs diverted for Census, Election and Poll Booth Duty for BMC, GAD and one more dept. This would have given a fairly good idea about diversion of such staff from each of the Public authority.


As stated above the overall scenario points out to one thing : There may be vacancies in Various departments all over the state but the employment exchanges are not recruiting job seekers for the same, this data will be double or triple if we calculate various other departments of the Government Machinery. So next time if your work gets delayed in any of the Government or Local Body departments don’t vent out your anger on them, it may be a case of staff shortage in the same, which in turn may be causing a delay.

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