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Serial Blasts Rock Mumbai !! Law And Order Dared Again In India’s Financial Capital !!

13 July 2011 No Comment

Terror comes calling again to the Financial City, 3 Blasts rocked Mumbai within 20 minutes, Zaveri bazar at 6:45pm, Opera house 6:55pm and Dadar at 7:05pm, with 20 dead and 113 injured till the time this News was put up, its not even 2 days that the 5th anniversary of 11th July the day when blasts had rocked Mumbai in 2006 has gone past,when coordinated attacks had taken place in Mumbai and the city of Mumbai is under attack again on 13th July 2011.

Its not even a day that RTI Activist Jeet Ghatge’s RTI Revealed 42-47% Vacancies In Mumbai Police !!


The dangers it could poise for the Financial city should have been thought of… but

who cares. The city of Mumbai is always made to feel that it is safe !! is this how Mumbai is safe ??

Government’s will come and go but the Safety measures go for a toss after a few days when such incidents happen.

Lessons are not learnt, here is a image of a security table  on a Railway station in Mumbai today evening,

the security personnel are missing, this is not a one off case, most of the Railway stations Security Check tables wear a deserted look in the evenings every day. Every time the cities of India are rocked with Attacks or Blasts the Government Machinery comes in to action but then goes to sleep. who is to be blamed for this ?? where are the cops who man these ? what are the security checks and who is doing this ? its lucky that the trains were not targetted, but with these scenes it wont be a surprise if  Mumbai City’s lifeline comes under threat too !!

Every time the Government representatives give out a statement “Its the Spirit of Mumbai which makes it stand back on its feet, and we will fight back such incidents” These guys should be ashamed of themselves giving out statements like these.

Its not the spirit of Mumbai but the Helplessness of the Common Man(Aaam Admi) which brings them back on road , The Politicians say that we are better prepared than last time when such incidents happened i.e. 26/11, but what is the use of being better prepared ? we are still targetted again and again,  why are we not Fool Proof , isnt it a shame that even after boasting that we are better prepared we are still attacked, Few days back Cnn-Ibn had exposed Security Lapse  on the Coastlines of Mumbai in June 2011 At least 56 landing spots on the Mumbai coastline, similar to the ones used by the 26/11 terrorists, were not monitored. 460 such spots exist across the coastline of Maharashtra, after that few measures were taken up !! but why does it take the Media to expose loop holes in the security structure ?? doesnt it mean that the authorities were caught sleeping again.

Todays explosions prove it once again that threat Looms large on the Financial Capital of India and the people of the City are left to fetch for themselves. The Government is driving the Mumbaikar’s time and again to a extent where they will get up and say ” ITS ENOUGH” , If the element of surprise is with those who have attacked It is the lapse of Security measures or laziness of the concerned who are to be blamed for this.

Its a call to the Central & State Government, Wake up before the COMMON MAN (AAM AADMI) GETS UP AND TAKES THINGS IN HIS OWN HAND as it will be matter of shame for the Government, as innocents get killed every time and the only thing what the Governments do is give Condolence Messages…..Its a pity that the culprits go unpunished and the Common Man goes through the Trauma of Loss of his Loved ones.

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