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RTI Activist Reveals-MHADA Board Twists Words Naming Re-Development As Repairs or Re-Construction

24 February 2011 One Comment

Today RTI Activist Editorial Team visited the site at Kalbadevi.There was a meeting scheduled of the Architect,Contractor and the Tenants.Here we got more shocking revelations from the Architect and Contractor in front of the tenants.

The architect names the redevelopment work carried out as repairs,if the entire structure is pulled down People are sent in to Transit Camps that too after struggling on their own for 6 months like our Senior Citizen Mr.Vedhpathak is this repairs ??,The Architect Mr.Dalvi stated yes this is not repairs its reconstruction and not re-development,So it means Mhada officials are trying to be one up on their tricks, as per the architect also this work cannot be termed as repairs.

As reported earlier the entire building was in shoddy condition and was taken up for Re-developing or as the Architect says as Repairs or Re-Construction why has it taken 6 long years for MHADA if it was ONLY REPAIRS.

As understood a REPAIR term is used for carrying out repairs on an existing Structure which is not needed to be pulled down,If the entire structure has been razed and its being re-constructed its termed as Re-Development.

Redevelopment refers to the process of reconstruction of any residential or commercial premises by demolition of the existing structure and construction of a new structure and in the process utilization of additional  FSI(Floor Space Index) if available can be used.

Old dilapidated structures  which need extensive repairs or are old and have Major leakage in the structure or are declared dangerous are taken up for Re-Development if the existing residents do not have required funds, resources and expertise to handle the repairs on their own, such are taken up by MHADA.

So who justifies or terms the work being carried out at Boolchand Estate as Repairs where as its Re-development where the existing structure has been razed and is being re-build,this is a question which people will need to under stand as to what MHADA  actually terms as Re-development or Re-construction which is one and the same thing or Repairs under whos cover Re-development or Re-construction work is authorized.

The facts presented today by the Contractor Farookh and Architect Dalvi were Shocking,the architect was appointed in 2007, The contractor had assured the tenants in May 2010 in front of another MHADA Senior Official Mr.Hazari that he will give the possession to the people earlier staying there in 1 months time, but today the contractor said that he received the Work order in November 2010!! So how can he stand in front of a senior official and commit when he had not even received a work order?? Who appointed him as a Contractor when the work order was released only in November 2010, More to add to the woes of the Officials is a fact that the Construction site did not have any lay out plan at the location as to how the Re-Construction is to be carried out,thus revealing another error by the Concerned Officials, Its clearly understood that to cover 1 lie 10 more are being added to it, to make things more complicated.

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  • john said:

    Even after so much happening on corruption this is not reducing,is the Indian Government Sleeping still