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RTI Activist reveals Proof of how MHADA Authorities made a mockery of the RTI ACT.

22 February 2011 2 Comments

RTI Activist Editorial Team reveals proof of how MHADA authorities make a Mockery of the RTI Act.A false reply was given to an RTI Application filed by the Editorial Team of RTI Activist,in which Mhada Dy.Engineer of C-2 Division M.B.B & R Board Mr.Sikligar had out rightly denied any Re-Development work being undertaken by the C-2 division.

Below mentioned are the facts which proves how MHADA Dy-Engineer has lied to an RTI Application filed under RTI ACT 2005.

The False reply is being reported to the STATE INFORMATION COMMISSIONER.(SIC)

  1. The place which is under Re-Development is Building No.7 in Boolchand Estate on Kalbadevi Road,which is behind Kakad Market.The Building was constructed in 1936 and one of the tenants Mr.Ramesh G.Vedhpathak had been staying there from Birth i.e. 13th Jan 1941,the condition of building had deteriorated in 2000 as it was already 64 years old for which MHADA had sent a letter for vacating it Aug 2000.
  2. The Building’s demolition work started on Jan 2006 and one of  the tenants Mr.Vedhpathak was accommodated in MHADA Transit camp,who is still staying at Bimbisar Nagar Camp after shifting him from Dahisar Transit camp which he had got after 6 months of his stay outside on his own.
  3. The payments taken by MHADA for redevelopment was in installments which were of Rs.40000, Rs.53000 and Rs.85000, which were paid through PAY Orders to MHADA Board no work started for approximately 4 years,in the year 2010  MHADA started the work through a Contractor named Farookh the architect for the project is Anil Dalvi and Associates.
  4. RTI Activist editorial team had asked for copies of the quotes which were received by MHADA Board for this Re-development work and which were not provided this again proves that either there were no Quotations called for this work and there has been a under the table deal for allotting the work to the Contractor.
  5. MHADA  Dy-Engineer Sikligar, has been sitting on this file along with his predecessors for 4years and every time the tenants have been called for the meeting either the Contractor or the Architect or the Dy-Engineer concerned,now Sikligar himself has been missing and the meeting has been cancelled.
  6. In the last meeting held recently when all the tenants were present at MHADA Head Office in Bandra and every one pleaded to Sikligar,that the tenants have been called over and over again every time have to go back after waiting 3 to 4 hours,Mr.Sikligar got annoyed and allegedly said” this will go on like this and they can do what they want the work will start at its own pace as there is again Non Availability of Sand now so the project can get delayed more.
  7. On the final date for filing the first appeal 18th Feb 2011, MHADA officials at MHADA Head Office in Bandra ,first refused to take the application and gave various excuses but the fact was, a copy of the proof was attached which was, the MHADA File which was of the Re development Board for the Kalbadevi Plot which proved that the MHADA Engineer had given a False reply and concerned person was not ready to accept it to avoid problems for them,but when the person who went to file the appeal got adamant to meet the Chairman of MHADA Mr.Manhas, if the First Appeal under the RTI Act is not being accepted the appeal was taken,for proving this point also the RTI Activist Editorial Team has evidence.
  8. After the appeal was filed on 18th Feb 2011, the contractor Farookh called the tenants on 19th Feb 2011, to enquire how many windows were there in the rooms of the tenants, this is again surprising.The reason being when Anil Dalvi and Associates are the Architects of the Building didn’t they give the lay out plan to the Contractor for the re-development work ? If not then why not and if it has been given then the contractor is not qualified enough and does not understand the layout plans,so what kind of construction will be finally handed over is a big question mark.
  9. Images of the plot on 18th Feb 2011

Finally a big question how did the Contractor call up the tenants on 19th Feb 2011, when till date the tenants have been chasing him for the work to start,who leaked out the information that an appeal was filed against the Dy-Engineer of MHADA, Sikligar. All this do have a inter connectivity link which needs to be thoroughly probed by MHADA and specially Mr.Manhas if he actually wants to root out corruption within the MHADA Board.


  • Tmcards said:

    Good work by RTI Activist. Keep it up.

  • Alex Paul said:

    RTI Activist had really shown the Hidden black Face of the White Collar Government Authorities. This is how the country gets the reason to develop, when everything goes on it’s way it should go.