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RTI Activist in Mumbai exposes Mhada Executive Engineer’s malafide intentions

1 February 2011 One Comment

MHADA Executive Engineer Exposed

RTI Activist in Mumbai has Exposed Yawning Gaps in MHADA they don’t follow what they Preach,In a latest reply for an RTI Filed by the Editorial team of rtiactivist.com with the C2 Division of MHADA Redevelopment Board the Executive Engineer  of C-2 Division Mr.Sikligar has out rightly denied any Redevelopment happening in Kalbadevi area whereas the facts are something different,The RTI Activist Editorial Team has accessed files which are related to Redevelopment for Kalbadevi area,More over not only the Executive Engineer Mr.Sikligar has denied the Redevelopment process but also replied the RTI as a normal query,without mentioning name of any Appellate authority for filing the first appeal if not satisfied with the reply and disposed the RTI application !!

Its not even a day when The Mumbai board of the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (Mhada) had decided to come down heavily on developers who delay the process of redevelopment of its projects in the city.
In a board meeting held on Monday the 31st Jan 2011, the members had unanimously decided to bring in the proposal to blacklist such developers in its next meeting scheduled to be held in February this year.
The intention as per the (MHADA )Board Chairman
Amarjit Singh Manhas is to blacklist these developers so that the redevelopment process is speeds up in future and issues related to transit camps do not creep up.
After a recent decision of the board as well as Mhada to create housing stock through the redevelopment of its colonies across the city, many colonies have decided to go for redevelopment. However, there are a number of colonies which have already opted for redevelopment and are facing delays- mainly due to the developers not initiating the process and due to which few of the residents move to other places after a building goes for development but developers delay the start of the construction. “This has often resulted in societies not being interested in redevelopment.

But here in this Case( Kalbadevi area) the Redevelopment process has been delayed more than 2 years by the Executive Engineer sighting various reasons and quotation have been raised sighting various reasons, where as the actual occupants and owner had already agreed for the redevelopment,one more reason has been again given to the owners and tenants of non availability of Sand….These issues have to be looked in to by the Board Chairman Mr.Amarjit Singh Manhas where their own Engineer has been purposely delaying and denying Redevelopment work in Kalbadevi area…..Shouldn’t he be Black listed too……

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  • shrinivas said:

    Yes this is a very common happening with MHADA major corruption racket exists there,what happens in the lottery system is known to everyone,only those known to them get the houses,out of 100%, 70% are to those who have paid bribes.