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RTI Activist’s Union Meeting on 18th May At 5:30 Pm, About Land & Building In MMR Region

18 May 2011 No Comment

Dear friends,

You are cordially invited to attend the RTI Activist’s Union meeting today (Wednesday 18th May), 5.30 pm.

Venue: 36, Vaikunt Society, Lallubhai Park,

Lane Opposite Shoppers Stop, Off S V Road,

Andheri West, 5 minutes walk from Andheri Railway Station.

Agenda for today’s meeting

I.  Reviewing Progress of Union projects:

(a) Success: Navin Pandya lent us a book by a former Deputy Commissioner. He came good on this promise two days later. Accordingly, we prepared and circulated on email a guide for filing RTIs about Builders & Redevelopers to Municipal Corporation: http://tinyurl.com/Citizens-Guide-Illegal-Bldgs

This guide is being further refined by Prashant Uikey, and it will be made into a fully searchable internet database.

(b) Partial Success: Union had taken up the major problem of REJECTION OF RTI APPLICATIONS BY MCGM’S BUILDING PROPOSAL DEPARTMENT IF CT SURVEY NUMBER IS NOT MENTIONED. To procure list of CT survey numbers of under-construction plots in the city, and put them up on internet, Prashant Uikey circulated this list of PIOs of Building Proposal Deptt to whom RTI application will be sent: http://tinyurl.com/Bldg-Proposal-PIO-FAA and circulated this RTI application: http://tinyurl.com/Bldg-Proposal-RTI-CTS1
A shortened RTI application was also formulated: http://tinyurl.com/Bldg-Proposal-RTI-CTS2 .

There were three breakthroughs:

(i)                 Rajesh Paliwal has received 46 pages of information for several projects in areas in and around Vikhroli. This information will be published on the internet within a couple of days, for use by RTI activists and information seekers.

(ii)               Kamlakar Shenoy succeeding in getting a circular issued by Dy. Ch. Engr. (City) (6509 of 1.3.2011 ), stating that it is compulsory to mention the proper address and C.S. No. at the construction sites. Download it: http://tinyurl.com/CT-Survey-circular-Mumbai

To display the Board at the site with CT survey number and other details is one of the mandatory provisions of IOD (Intimation of Disapproval) and CC (Commencement Certificate). If such board is not displayed, a complaint be lodged with Dy. C.E. on the grounds of violation of conditions of IOD and CC. South Bombay activists can use this fresh circular to strengthen their complaint.

(iii)             Utsal Karani sent us a list of 1365 Redevelopment projects in South Bombay (i.e. south of Sion-Bandra). Download this: http://tinyurl.com/South-Bby-Redevp-project-CTSno

The recent ones (till Sept 2010) are in the last few pages, and CTS nos. are also mentioned in the file. South Bombay activists can use these details – especially CTS number — to file RTI applications and complaints.


(c) Partial Success: The Union took up the task of SURVEYING THE 32 SHODDILY-EXECUTED SRA PROJECTS that MMRDA handed over to MCGM in September 2010. Details: http://tinyurl.com/MMRDA-640-cr-scam Yesterday, a team consisting of Sulaiman Bhimani, Sudhakar Malpe and Vasudev Shenoy visited two sites in Goregaon. They will present the summary of their findings (which are mostly positive) at today’s meeting.

(d) Pending: The Union took up the task of filing complaint with ACB/ CBI for undue favour to Adarsh society: http://tinyurl.com/Ratnakar-Gaikwad-got-away Kamlakar Shenoy and Vasudev Shenoy have committed pursue this matter, especially u/s 196 CrPC.

(e) Pending: Sudhakar Malpe (Citizens for Just Society) and Vasudeva Shenoy have committed to introduce us to some architects who will help us to understand KEY DOCUMENTS THAT CITIZENS MUST SEEK UNDER RTI from various public authorities, for establishing the bonafides of any land use or building project. We will focus on getting these documents in respect of all building projects in respect of FSI, TDR, Conveyance, various NOCs, etc. This will enable us to publish lists of key documents and RTI application formats in the public domain. Former MHADA Chief Dr Chandrashekar Prabhu to be contacted by Sudhakar Malpe. Also architects like P K Das and Nitin Kilawala are to be tried for this purpose.

(f) Pending: After gathering the above data, G R Vora, Mohd Afzal and other colleagues will prepare LISTS OF KEY DETAILS/DOCUMENTS TO BE GATHERED BY RTI INSPECTIONS CONCERNING ALL ONGOING PROJECTS from various public authorities such as BMC’s Building Proposal department, MMRDA, MHADA. This will be uploaded on the internet to empower all RTI activists and citizens of MMR region. Sulaiman Bhimani undertook to draft a simple template for RTI Sec 4 compliance by these public authorities. At least an index of documents available with each authority can be sought to be posted on a website as bare minimum Sec 4 compliance. It was decided to clearly outline how builders override the constraints on open space area in the compound, and continue building higher floors by submitting amendments to Plans.

II. Hearing those who have come with grievances and suggesting the way forward with RTI applications etc: The Union is an open forum for creation of knowledge-sharing network freely available to the public on a voluntary basis. If you have a problem concerning land and building, do come, and let us discuss. And if you have any important information and expertise to share, you are earnestly urged to come and speak.

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