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RTI Activist’s RTI rejected : Ex-CJI feels it is invasion of his Privacy

15 February 2011 One Comment

An RTI application of an RTI Activist from Kochi was rejected by the Central Public Information officer,the RTI application had asked details of Income Tax Returns filed by the Ex-Chief Justice of India K.G.Balakrishnan,the Central Public Information had sought permission from the Ex CJI under section 11(1) of the RTI Act as it was a third party related information which is considered Confidential under the RTI Act, Mr.Balakrishnan informed the officer not to reveal the details under another section of the RTI Act 8 (1) g, which says disclosure of personal information which has no relationship to any public activity or interest or which is considered as an invasion of privacy and did not signify larger public Interest.

The refusal of Ex-CJI Balakrishnan has raised more eye brows as he is already under the I.T Scanner with a probe already on into the assets of his son-in-law, who’s allegedly multiplied his assets from Rs. 25,000 to many crores during Balakrishnan’s tenure as the CJI.

Balakrishnan’s brother K G Bhaskaran, had also resigned as Special Government Pleader in the Kerala High Court, as he to is under the scanner for buying sixty acres of land in Dindigul in Tamil Nadu  at an undervalued price.

This issue becomes more suspicious as a Former Supreme Court justice was also approached and told not to look in to the matter of Assets of the Ex-CJI Balakrishnan and his relatives.

This is where the RTI Act becomes a Tiger without Claws,where  permissions are sought from people who are already under the probe and they do not allow disclosures stating a reason that they had already declared their assets and revealing their details will reveal their Pan Card Number and Bank Account details is astonishing.

If people re-collect the Government is already having a data which was received by them regarding the people who have stashed their Black money in Swiss Bank…didn’t they file their Income tax returns ? In today’s world how many politicians have declared their actual worth ? the figures are negligible,one of them is a Trust who declares their data to the Government every year so how did they amass so much wealth…..these issues also need to be Considered.

The RTI Act is a Boon which can weed out Corruption,but it is at the mercy of few clauses which were put in it, with unknown Intentions, knowingly or unknowingly to make it weaker.

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  • Praveen said:

    Its a pity looking at the helplessness of this country you have stocks of food but they r wasted in floods,u have loads of money in swiss banks which is black money,but no strength to get it back,dont know where is the country going.