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RTI Activist’s queries expose a Pandora of Errors in Common Wealth Games

17 February 2011 No Comment


In reply to a RTI application filed by Subhash Agrawal it was replied that the delegation which went to Beijing had gone to gain experience and implement that in the conduct of Commonwealth Games which were held in October last year.

A team of Organising Committee observers in two groups were drawn from the Organising Committee of the Commonwealth games Delhi 2010, Indian Olympic Association, Sports Authority of India, Delhi Government, DDA and various sports federations were sent to Beijing during Olympic Games to observe the actual conduct of the Games and learn its details.

The CWG Organising Committee seemed reluctant to disclose the criteria for selecting the 166 people who went on a 2008 tour, which is under CWG scanner, to study Beijing Olympics for the Delhi games preparations.

In the reply to the RTI the Committee provided the list, mandate and other details of the contingent which went to China in August 2008 on a trip that which had cost a whooping Rs 8.5 crore but didn’t make it public the reasons for choosing the group. The trip is already under the scrutiny of the Auditor General

The members who visited Beijing included R.K.Anand, Jagdish Tytler, Chetan Chauhan, Amar Singh, Sachin Pilot, Nafisa Ali and Arti Mehra.

In total there were 166 members which went to Beijing , was there a need to send so many people and incur such a high expenditure.


In an reply to another RTI application filed by S C Agarawal, again there was a startling revelation, before the start of the Common Wealth Games the Executive Board gave away nearly 30 per cent of the tickets as complimentary and even authorized Suresh Kalmadi for increasing this quota further.

The Board also knew well in advance that most of the good seats in the stadiums were blocked due to camera positions the video screen position and the scoreboards but did not do anything to make alternative arrangement for providing better visibility to the audience, The Board instead decided to distribute tickets free of cost to various people to fill the stadiums.

The minutes of the Board meeting was informed that only 1.31 lakh tickets worth Rs.12.8 crore were sold as against planned sale of 14 lakh tickets because of the negative publicity and uncertainty surrounding the Games.

The executive board was of the view that it was not possible to fill up the stadiums and complimentary tickets had to be issued to various Games constituents According to agreed policy of the Executive board, for the event, after the evaluation of unsold ticket reports about a week in advance, 30 per cent of total printed tickets were distributed as complimentary.

The board also decided that nearly three days before the event, another assessment of the ticket sales will be done and if a major chunk of tickers remained unsold, another 10-15 per cent would be marked as complimentary.

The Executive Board approved the proposal of complementary tickets and unsold tickets (up to 30 per cent) policy. The EB also authorized the Chairman of the Organizing Committee to taken necessary decision to fill up the stadium for the successful conduct of the Games beyond 30 per cent

Beneficiaries of these free tickets included VIP box guests, political parties, senior govt dignitaries, 71 Commonwealth Games Association and Organizing Committee Executive Board members, International federations, sports and medical commission, Supreme Court and High Court judges.

Also included were sportsmen, officials of DDA, MCD and NDMC, UK Members of Parliament, Business club members, and a number of officials from various services.

So another scam tumbles out from the already under the scanner Common wealth Games.

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