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RTI Activist Shenoy given 3 days Police Custody — Shivalik Ventures fraud

17 July 2011 No Comment

17th July, 2011, Mumbai: The harassment of arrested RTI Activist Kamlakar Shenoy continues. Shenoy, who exposed many land frauds of construction firm Shivalik Ventures in Mumbai’s Golibar & Wadala areas, was today remanded to police custody by the magistrate for three days. Strangely, although the investigating officer Dy. SP Deepak Devraj did not oppose Shenoy’s bail plea today, the holiday magistrate gave them three days custody. The police custody is ostensibly to enable the police to interrogate and investigate the “atrocities” alleged to have been committed by Shenoy against builder Ramakant Jadhav, who belongs to a Scheduled Caste.

Under the Atrocities Act 1989, even filing complaints before the police or other authorities against a Scheduled Caste person can be construed as a non-bailable offence (see Section 3(viii) and 3(ix) in the attached file).

Advocate Sharada Patil, who filed the bail application on behalf of Shenoy, said that this was the first time in her ten years of practice that a person was remanded for three days police custody in an atrocity case. “It is most unusual”, she remarked.

Kamlakar Shenoy was arrested yesterday afternoon by Vasai Police from Dadar, and taken to Manikpur Police Station near Vasai Road. Later, he was kept in police lockup at Vasai Gaon Police Station. He is under the charge of Dy. SP Deepak Devraj, the Investigating Officer.

Shenoy has been blowing the whistle for long on Shivalik Ventures. In response to his many complaints, Magistrate Court at Ballard Pier Court had ordered that Ramakant Jadhav, the proprietor of Shivalik Ventures, along with 12 officers — three IAS officer and 9 CIDCO officers — be prosecuted for land grabbing and various illegalities in the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme being carried out by MHADA and other authorities. (However, under pressure of Home Minister R R Patil, the matter is frozen.)

In retaliation against Shenoy’s persistent whistle-blowing, the proprietor of Shivalik Ventures filed complaints of “Atrocity” (i.e. persecuting a member of Scheduled Caste) in five police stations back in 2008.

Under pressure of the builder and his henchmen, the police finally arrested Shenoy yesterday. Five members of the RTI Activist Union against Land Mafia were present at the magistrate’s court today when Shenoy was produced. Ramakant Jadhav’s brother Raja was also present, along with Shyam Sawant, who is said to be a “specialist” or “tout” in using the Atrocities Act. “This man (i.e. Shenoy) has been a thorn on our side for 17 years. We will continue to file atrocity cases against him in many more police stations,” Raja Jadhav was overheard saying.


1.       Vasai Gaon police station where Kamlakar Shenoy is kept in custody — 0250-2322188

2.       Investigating Officer Dy. SP Deepak Devraj — 0250 2332614

3.       Kamlakar Shenoy — 98709 87359

4.       Uday Shenoy, brother of Kamlakar – 98709 87360

5.       Advocate Sharada Patil —  9823825743 and 9890146365

6.       Shivalik Ventures http://www.shivalikventures.com/contact/default.asp

7.       For additional details of Kamlakar Shenoy’s disclosures against Shivalik Ventures, see http://tinyurl.com/Kamlakar-Shenoy-Vs-Shivalik

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