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RTI Activist Nadeem Sayed’s Murder…7 People Arrested.

21 November 2011 No Comment

RTI Activist Nadeem Sayed’s Murder…7 People Arrested.

If the Ahmedabad Police is to be believed the mystery behind RTI Activist Nadeem Sayed’s murder is reaching it conclusion, with the arrest what have been made on 19th November 2011.

Ahmedabad Police have  arrested seven people, including a wanted criminal Mohammad Sharif alias Kalu Gardan for the murder of RTI activist Nadeem Sayed. who was an important witness in the Naroda-Patia case.

Nadeem was stabbed to death in broad daylight on November 5 after he allegedly informed the cops about the illegal cow slaughter houses in Juhapura. Addressing a press conference on Saturday, DCB sleuths said Gardan and his gang were unhappy with Saiyed for leaking information related to the illegal abattoirs. Due to Sayed, Gardan was unable to run his illegal business in peace, said the cops.

The police nabbed the seven accused near the Naroda Railway Station on Saturday. According to DCB officials, the seven were cornered while trying to flee the spot.

Many Activists feel this is a cover up, the actual reason still being understood is that Nadeem was a key witness in the 2002 Gujarat riots in Naroda-Patia case, and it was just a tactic used to eliminate him in the name of illegal abattoirs, The truth needs to come out with actual evidences,along with the arrested being thoroughly interrogated as to what was the actual reason behind his murder. Nadeem had already received threats for backing off as a witness where he was already threatened too…, so if the Police knew of threats to him why was he not provided protection, A whistle blower is always a easy target, because our law and order machinery is yet to wake up to this cause. The whistle blowers protection bill is still stuck, How many more RTI Activists will lose their life due to apathy of our Political Machinery is yet to be seen, wake up Mr.Prime Minister, Sir. only by being clean chit tagged to you , things will not change, concrete steps are needed to protect people who are keeping their lives on stake everyday by exposing misdeeds of Corrupt. The murder of RTI Activist Shehla Masood is yet to be solved and the guilty brought to book, will justice prevail ? and the real reasons will come to light of these murders ? its the only question asked by Activists.

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