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RTI Activist Jeet Ghatge Reveals How Police Reforms In Maharashtra Are In A limbo

25 November 2011 No Comment

On the anniversary of 26/11 attack in Mumbai, everyone in the Media seems frenzy for getting a bite of the relatives and pain stricken families of the victims,but what about much needed reforms in the Police Department.RTI Activist Jeet Ghatge presents evidences of how Maharashtra Police reforms are stuck in a Limbo.

We are aware of the movements in the Arab countries for various Reforms. In India people are hardly know the meaning of ‘Reform’ and what difference it could make to the system. So this much important fight for Reforms is been fought in the Supreme Court.

You will find the details of this case and its current status in the attach file. I would like to give a general view.

Basically, these reforms are about two important powers which are currently with the state government. One is the transfer/appointments of senior police officers (Police Establishment board) and the powers to take action against the corrupt officer (Police Complaint Authority).

If these reforms are implemented the Politicians will loose there grip on the police authority. The constant misuse of power by the Politicians will stop. For Eg. – Vilasrao Deshmukh calling the cop and telling him not to register a criminal case against his friend … later in that case Deshmukh was fined Rs. 10 Lakh by the supreme court and that fined was paid by us (Taxpayers money) or the latest example of Yedurappa and Narendra Modi transferring IPS officers since they were too honest and a threat.

Since the fight is in the court the Maharashtra Government is cleverly playing the delaying tactics and misleading the court by giving stupid reason. The state lawyers who is paid a good salary recommends Abhishek Manusinghivi to appear in the court by paying Rs. 1,75,000 per hearing. Even after the Thomas committee report which indicates that not a single direction of the court has been completely fulfilled, the government is shamelessly holding to its powers. The case is still pending in the Supreme Court and most probably Maharashtra Police Reforms will go no where.

Following is the status of two important directions:

Police Establishment board: The Thomas committee has pointed out that the board should have powers of transfers, posting etc. of officers below the rank of Dy. SP. The Maharashtra Government has agreed for below Police Inspector and it does not bother to give any explanation to why it wants to hold the powers of officers above Police Inspector. Since the Sr. officers who transfer the junior officers are appointed and transfer by the Home Department., the home department indirectly controls the appointment of junior officers too. That’s why we see lot of recommendations coming from the home department to DG and CP office.

Police Complaints Authority: I can totally understand why the Government does not want to let go the transfer powers but avoiding the complaint authority is shocking. The Complaint Authority will make life difficult for corrupt police officers and the fact that government wants a retired bureaucrat instead of a retired High Court judge as the state chairman shows the true intention of the Home Department.(scan 7). They don’t want a corrupt police officers to get punished. The circular was issued way back on 25th July 2008,but its still not been implemented. Now who should we complain the people who issue circular are the one responsible of its implementation.

The most important thing I discover after reading two bundle of papers in the Home department(HD). is that the real culprits are not the Ministers … its the IAS officers. Although the Ministers want the control of cops but all the brain work is done by the bureaucrats in the HD. At the end of the day all IPS officers will have to go to the doors of IAS officers in Home Department.

Bottom line is simple; these reforms can change the entire system and they will never happen unless their is an uprising; people should demand it instead of the Supreme court. For that to happen you people in the press play an important role of spreading the word. As soon as their is awareness I am sure it will happen. On the anniversary of 26/11 we need to demand REFORMS instead of going to the victims and asking them how they feel. We are still vulnerable; as much as we were before 26/11. You never now, the next bullet from a terrorist could hit the person we love and care for.

Evidences or Copies of all the above which has been written.

Police Reforms RTI

Reply to the above RTI is Scan 008 and Scan 009 in the gallery below


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