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RTI Activist Akhil Gogoi Linked To Ulfa, Says Assam C.M Tarun Gogoi !!

30 June 2011 No Comment

Assam : RTI Activist and the General Secretary of Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) Akhil Gogoi was arrested on 24th June 2011, the arrest took place when he was addressing a press meet with the charges of inciting people on 22nd June when he held a rally against the government for the eviction of people around hill areas, The rally in Guwahati led by the RTI activist turned violent after police stormed in and lathi charged the protestors in which three people were killed and over 30 injured. He has been charged with 10 cases of rioting, arsoning, damaging public property and illegal meeting. But what came a shocker for everyone was, Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi’s statement that Akhil Gogoi is linked to Maoists !!!

Akhil Gogoi has been playing  the role of an opposition in the state and has succeeded to restrict the state government from indulging in corruption this has irked the Assam Government. The Tarun Gogogi Government is already in a mess after police opened firing on the protestors killing 3 people including a nine year old boy with 30 injured, the police deny this and state they fired only in the air to disperse the crowd but the facts are known to everyone.

KMSS president Raju Bora has said “It’s a baseless allegation by Gogoi to say that Akhil follows Maoist ideology. The chief minister has become frustrated and is now trying to restrict our leader at any cost. He has no evidence against Akhil and this allegation is just an attempt to keep him behind the bars. We warn the chief minister for the final time to stop issuing such ridiculous comments. If he doesn’t stop that, he will have to face the consequences”.

There was a demonstration held at Assam Bhavan yesterday by the Delhi Civil Society and a memorandum was given which was received by the State Bhawan Officials, RTI Activist and member of the Lokpal bill drafting committe Arvind Kejriwal  had also joined the protest, kejriwal stated that Akhil’s protest was peaceful and India’s constitutions gives a right to everyone for peaceful protest.

The arrest again points to onething be it the state Governments or the Center, attrocities against activists who are protesting with an intent to curb corruption is not being tolerated by them and they can go to an extent of linking them to Maoists which is not new, in 2007 activist Binayak sen was accused and  arrested on charges of having links to Maoists, Binayak sen was released on bail after 2 years in April this year.

The Central & state Government’s needs to re-think their policies and acts before it decides to arrest activists, as they are not curbing people by doing this but instigating and provoking more anger and resentment among the Aam Admi (Common Man). Even Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi does not have any evidence to prove his allegations of Akhil’s  link to Ulfa, this will backfire on his Government very hard as giving out a statement like this can also lead to Akhil filing a defamation suit against the state Government and  Chief Minister himself, more than that the image of his Government takes a bashing as rampant Human rights violations are taking place in the name of curbing protests.

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