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Report Of Saturday’s Meeting Of RTI Activist’s Union On Building Matters In Mumbai Metropolitan Region

27 June 2011 No Comment

It is considered taboo to talk about RTI activism and money in the same breath. We broke this taboo at the meeting of the RTI Union on Building Matters held at Chhabildas Municipal School, Dadar on Saturday 26 June. The 42 persons present had a spirited debate on agenda point no 1:  http://tinyurl.com/25-June-Mtg-Agenda

In the end, it was firmly decided that the RTI Union and its group of experts/lawyers WILL NOT CHARGE for any help whatsoever. RTI Union will continue making guidance available to people FREE-OF-COST on all matters. Currently, we are not even charging membership fees, and our meetings are open to anybody who wishes to attend. The only requirement is for people to bring copies of their important documents, for consultation purposes.

ABOUT THE RTI UNION: We are an informal group of experts and lawyers who have been holding meetings at intervals of 2-3 weeks since February to discuss the problems of citizens in MMR region concerning land, buildings and cooperative societies, and guide people in seeking solutions. We have drafted dozens of RTI applications and complaints for individuals with problems, and made ourselves constantly available on phone and email. And we continue to do so.

At the outset of the meeting, the problems of many building residents concerning redevelopers, managing committee of cooperative society etc. were discussed. Present at this meeting were four lawyers and six activists with practical knowledge of RTI Act, Cooperative Societies Act, Consumer Act etc., who replied to questions and gave guidance for solving problems using various administrative and quasi-judicial methods.

The meeting was attended by 42 persons. Their contact details are here: http://tinyurl.com/25-June-Mtg-Participants

Accounts statement is as follows:
•    Chai-nashta and mineral water     — Rs 1270/-
•    Room rent to Chhabildas School     — Rs 650/-.
•    Towards meeting this cost, we solicited voluntary donations.
Collections     — Rs 3,710/-.
•    Therefore surplus carried over     — Rs 1,790/-.
Thank you, all!

This was the first time we passed the hat around for meeting costs. Earlier, the expenses have been borne by only a few persons.

The last meeting (June 4) was very generously hosted by Homi Lord and his gracious wife at their residence in Dadar Parsi Colony. Some people said that they had not received this report: http://tinyurl.com/4th-June-Mtg-Report

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