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Politics Being Played In The Name Of Anti Corruption Rallies,Democracy Being Killed

5 June 2011 No Comment

The Hunger fast by Anna Hazare at Jantar Mantar along with thousands of supporters may have been a eye opener for the Government, along with the supporters like RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal,Kiran Bedi and Swami Agniwesh, but on the same grounds the Government has made a fool out of themselves by first by receiving Baba Ramdev at the Airport and then allowing him  to carry on with his fast at Ramleela Maidan, But in the midst of it the Government Goofed up by evicting him in the middle of Night, maybe what the BJP is saying be right when the say “Democracy has been shamed today” but the same BJP has to be questioned on the issue of Yedurappa and Bellary brothers where does there Corruption Mantra go that time, the Congress’s own house is in tatters with the 2G scam & CWG(Common Wealth Game Scam) running behind the back of its mind along with the swiss black money issue.

It seems the Congress played the issue of Farmers in Uttar Pradesh and then the boomerang they threw came back on them in the form of Ramdev, somewhere down the line the people of this country will have to get above these politicians and think” who has brought and raised Corruption in this country ? We ourselves !! first we appoint unworthy candidates to rule us may be belonging to any political party, we elect them and send them to rule us and when the same are caught in scams we stand along with the likes of Anna Hazare whom today entire India is looking up to for getting a draft out of the JAN LOKPAL BILL, but how long and howmuch alone can some one fight.

We the Citizens of this Country are the ones who are responsible for making this country worth while, but we as Citizens are not bothered and we get carried away with the Anti Corruption rallies which are first allowed to happen by the Government to publicise themselves and then the publicity puppet is thrown at the opposition, to give them also a chance to garner sympathy and support, Dont be fooled, today the Mantra in politics is there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies, there was a time when Lal Krishna Advani had alleged and criticized Congress’s Rajeev Gandhi of being involved or being one of the account holders in the Swiss bank, but later the same person apologized to Sonia Gandhi after Rajeev Gandhis name did not figure in the list, it may be his humbleness to do so but it has portrayed him as a weakness in the BJP by few of his own party men, may be not directly on his face but the resentments have been growing against him too.

So where does this lead from here ? No Where !! why ? well the Jan Lokpal bill panel has been already marginalized or toned down not with words alone but with outright allegations of Corruption being relented out against them the only exception being RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal.

Baba Ramdev was cut off during the jantar mantar rally of Anna Hazare ,  but he too had echoed his views of floating out a new political party long back and time and again, Ramdev in his speech  at Ramleela maidan had said i will not stand for any election and not even stand for Prime Minister ship even if i get a chance ,this was the best way for him to get back from where he had missed out last time and that was by doing a bigger rally at Ramleela Grounds to out number the earlier satyagraha led by Anna Hazare, which brought the Government to the discussion table and form a Joint committee.

Baba Ramdev too had expected the same, but suddenly  he had discussions behind closed doors in a Hotel and said that the Government had agreed to its demands, the Congress played their cards safe and right this time, by cracking a whip by playing the law and order situation trick, but where was the Congress sleeping when the plans of Rally where already known to them, why did UPA Ministers go to receive Baba Ramdev at the Airport, why did they have closed door meeting with Baba Ramdev in a Hotel instead of Ramleela Ground and finally was the UPA Government  sleeping when all such heavy preparations were being made for the Yoga cum satyagraha movement at Ramleela Ground ?

It looks and seems like a well planned strategy by both the Ruling and the Main Opposition parties in this country to get their name on the top of the table in the forth coming elections, but its bound to be a Hung Parliament with neither again getting a Full Majority, the times have changed where only it used to be a single party as ruling and single party as opposition, today foes share a Dias together and go back and criticize the other in General Public view.

Its like politics being played in the name of Anti Corruption Rallies and Democracy is being killed, right in front of the eyes of the citizens of this country, There is still time that citizens of this country wake up and speak out, not by words but by deeds by hooting out such politicians who are not worth to represent them or such rallies will keep on Continuing without any concrete actions on the Ground to keep a check on Corruption…..Think it over.

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