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Notice Issued To Paradise Height…Is It An Act Of Vengeance ? It was Just A Formality !! Says Sub-Engineer Pagare In Front of The State Information Commissioner .

14 April 2011 One Comment

Here is how the RTI Activist’s prove that a Nexus exists between the Building proposal department ,Builders and Developers. On 19th March 2011 RTI Activist had published an article regarding Paradise Height, a building in Millat Nagar,Mumbai,which was issued a Vacating Notice by the Building Proposal Department : http://rtiactivist.com/?p=769 .

In this article RTI Activist Mohammed Afzal had specifically stated that there is a Nexus between the builder and the BMC’s Building Proposal Department, and only due to that the Building Proposal Department had issued a vacating notice to Paradise Height. As known earlier RTI Activist Mohammed Afzal had filed a 48 hrs RTI with the Building Proposal Department asking them to give the copies of Notices issued to other buildings in Mumbai for last 10 years, who do not have and OC (Occupancy Certificate). As expected, the building Proposal department did not reply to the RTI Application and Mohammed Afzal filed a complaint with the state Information Commissioner, Mr.Vilas Patil.

The Building Proposal Department was told to be present in front of the State Information Commissioner and they were represented by Sub Engineer Pagare along with one more officer,When the question was put to them, they were baffled and were fumbling and Pagare replied “the Notice issued to Paradise Height, was just a formality”  he also said ” that providing 10 years information was too voluminous and they required 2 months to provide the same”, It was that instance when RTI Activist Mohammed Afzal asked them to provide only 2 years informations within 1 month which was approved by the SIC enclosed is the Copy of the Order: SIC Order against Building Proposal WS dated 28.4.2011

As the list of all the buildings who have been granted OC or not granted OC and who have been issued Vacating Notices will give out a clear picture ,if only this Building was specifically targeted, looking in to the fact that 80 percent of Buildings in Mumbai, do not have Occupancy Certificate.

Secondly because the builder was forced to close down the restaurant and an illegal encroachment i.e. 90 feet X 20 feet was broken  down, fire brigde inspection report showed that 90 percent violations were there in the Bldg.The flat owners of Paradise Height have already filed a criminal Complaint previously against the Builder , there is a complaint filed by them in the Consumer Court along with a complaint with the Dy. Registrar of the Co-Operative Housing Societies and due to which the Builder has incurred heavy losses for all illegalities.

RTI Activist Mohammed Afzal states ” My contention is that the nexus between the builder/ Architect And officials of building Proposal should go. This is a perfect example where the builder has conived (to cooperate with others secretly in order to commit a crime; to collude to plot or scheme to pretend to be ignorant of) with officials of Building Proposal Department and  due to which such notice has been issued. It is a  pure act of vengeance.
The fact is, the Building Proposal Department Officials wanted the residents of Paradise Height to Panic , once in a panic situation, the residents of the building would have approached a Lawyer for getting a stay… which would monetarily drain them and create a fear in their hearts to stay away from the Builders irregularities, this was the Modus Operandi through which the residents of the Building would have not only incurred monetary loss, but would have also been Mentally Harrassed too.
It is clear now that the Building proposal Department is not left with any options, either they show the details of how many buildings have been issued a vacating notice or accept the fact that ” YES WE CONNIVED WITH THE BUILDER AND IT WAS AN ACT OF VENGEANCE “.

RTI Activist will publish the facts and documents presented by the Building proposal department if at all they have and they give, which will prove the fact that a Nexus  does exists between the Building proposal Department and Builders, and due to which there is a threat factor on RTI Activists.

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  • awshaikh said:

    further question arise why citizens have no power to pull up the defaulting persons in a very short of time like just ringing a bell and getting instant justice why r the builders and developers not penalized for handing over flats and land s complete in all respect, the present situation is like punishing the children for the crimes of their forefathers and the authorities that be sully the sacred name of government of india i hope the efforts of the enlightened activists and the satyagraha by shri anna hazare leads dear india on the path of truth and nothing else . jai hind.