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Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation Slammed By CAG…But Who Is To Be Blamed ? MBMC Or Politicians ?

19 March 2012 19 Comments

Mira Bhayander Municipal Commissioner Mr.Vikram Kumar

Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation Slammed By CAG…But Who Is To Be Blamed ? MBMC Or Politicians ?

Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation had been slammed by the Chief Auditor General of India (CAG) in its performance review of 2005-2010 for its deficiencies in planning and executing projects. But we at RTI Activist News question the State Government, was the state Government not aware of the happenings in Mira-Bhayandar ? the twin city has been suffering from ages due to its way of functioning, you name illegal Constructions or illegal water connections these all are part and parcel of the MBMC’s way of functioning !!! and why has this happened, due to the Citizens, or the Municipal Corporation ? No, due to the Political Leadership of Mira Bhayandar. Today if the CAG has slammed the MBMC for water woes, please dig in to as to what happened of the Surya Dam project, which each and every politician of the City claimed it was due to their efforts that the twin city will receive water from this project, which never materialized, but the previous regime of MBMC went on to charge the people of this city “water beneficiary tax”  and for the under ground sewerage system Sewerage Benificiary tax” both the schemes were then in its implementation stages, a PIL in this regard is already pending before the Hon’ble Bombay High Court.

Today if Illegal Constructions have cropped up in Mira-Bhayandar who is to be blamed ? , the illegal constructions did not crop up over night, Residents of Mira Bhayandar have been silent sufferers of this, the Builder Lobby in Mira Bhayandar along with the politicians has been a major problem for this already suffering city, even after decades of Independence Mira Bhayandar still is a property of  Estate Investment Company, a company who was given rights to build walls around this city during British Era so that sea water does not enter the City and in return the Farmers had a commitment to give 1/3 rd of their farm produce to Estate Investment Company, but what happened actually, Estate Investment Company never constructed any protection walls but still enjoys the benefits of it still today and now in form of 1/3rd of proposed development is to be paid to them in cash or in the form of developed land, even if Estate Investment Company ever built any walls( which was never done) the lease still continues a lease of 999 years !!!!! after 64 years of Independence !!!!, who is to be blamed for this ?  it was a Revenue Minister of this state who ordered the name of Estate Investment Company to be added to the 7-12 extract of the entire City of Mira Bhayandar, which in turn made it mandatory that any Development in Mira Bhayandar an NOC will be required from Estate Investment Company …why ? Isn’t this still a Colonial regime existing in Mira Bhayandar ? why has not the central Government taken cognizance of this ? The illegal Constructions are to compensate the amount which is to be paid to Estate Investment Company by the Builder Lobby and when the Demolition Drive takes place on illegal Constructions the Common Man is the sufferer, but why will the State and Central Government be bothered ? Even Today files asked under RTI are denied under the pretext of not being found !!!!

Ordering and running a demolition drive is very easy for MBMC but who suffers at the end the “COMMON MAN” and why because the Politicians of the State did not care about this city when it was growing. Today MBMC has been riddled with Corruption and the newly appointed MBMC Commissioner Mr.Vikram Kumar, has been putting his maximum efforts to ease out problems which he got from his previous Predecessors, and he has been successful to an extent in curbing the problems in various ways, whether its the adhoc functioning method of the employees or trying to keep a check on the Illegal Constructions , Water problems or Under Ground Sewerage work the newly appointed Commissioner has a daunting task on him, Most of the Buildings in Mira Bhayandar are facing problems due to problems created by the previous regime of Employees, Officers, HOD’s ,Commissioners and Politicians who were hand in glow in creating problems for this city.

Implementation of various schemes suffered as the people heading the MBMC were busy extracting personal benefits from any and every scheme approved by the State and Central Government !!!! and the Political representatives who were supposed to keep a check on this too were involved in all these activities,

  • if today there is a Water Problem, the State Government, Politicians and the MBMC were not futuristic in its thinking to have a developing approach,
  • If the waste management system scheme is suffering its again due to the same sets of people who are responsible for these problems

Questioning the current MBMC Commissioner alone is very easy, but why are the peoples representatives not questioned too ?? who have created these problems.

Today if the CAG digs deeper in to all the funds allotted for various projects and their spending major anomalies will be cropping out, who is to be blamed ? The State Government is not only answerable the CAG but it is equally answerable to the Residents of Mira Bhayandar who are the mute spectators and sufferers of all the happenings around them.

Who has not made money in the funds allotted for various schemes for Mira Bhayander ?, starting from the so called politicians ( who are more of Goons ) than Public Servants, even the so called Journalists of this City have been a mute spectators and have been reaping monitory benefits in these allotted funds, why ? for not questioning the functioning of the MBMC !!!, but since the retirement or exit of the Previous Commissioner Mr.Shivmurthy Naik, Mira Bhayandar residents have seen some hope in the new MBMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar, the Politicians and the Contractors are feeling a pinch on their pockets due to the stringent rules being put in place by Mr.Vikram Kumar, Contractors are having a hard time as he (Vikram Kumar) being a Tough Task master has been himself conducting surprise checks on the works done by these contractors, but its a long struggle for him ahead which will take a lot of time and efforts of the MBMC.

Moreover the political machinery , Builder Lobby along with the Employees of the Civic Body of the Twin City have got so annoyed with the Strict and Stringent rules of Vikram Kumar that they tried political pressure to get him transferred out from Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation in which they failed , As per the Current buzz the  Politicans and Builder Lobby of Mira Bhayander are now trying Money Power to get him transferred out from MBMC and a fund of approx Rs.50 Crores is being collected, collectively by them to get him transferred out !!!!,  in this country we can tolerate the Corrupt but we can’t tolerate a Honest person, and in the current scenario it will not be surprising if  the State Government gets a ultimatum to transfer him out from Mira Bhayander.

We hereby request the CAG to dig deeper in to the funds allotment and spending of various schemes which were supposed to be implemented by MBMC, and bring the guilty and culprits to book including the ones of the previous regime too, who have brought the city to a condition where it stands today, it is also being brought to the Notice of the State Government that any such move of transferring a Honest Municipal Commissioner will back fire on them as RTI Activists in the City of Mira Bhayander have already planned to file a PIL ( Public Interest Litigation) challenging  the transfer legally, if he is transferred out before he completes his term.


  • S. NAIR said:

    Everyone knows Mr. Vikram Kumar is a clean commissioner.

    But the builder lobby & dirty politicians of Mira Road want him out

    It should not happen. The residents of Mira – Bhayander should stand behind Mr. Vikram Kumar. As a resident of Mira Road, I will fully support him.

  • namitabh said:

    bravo !

    at last, someone is speaking for the public sentiment !!!

    keep it up !!!

  • Vikas said:

    Great Job!!! Keep up the good work of supporting honest people

  • Mohit Pandya said:

    Respected Sir,

    We resident of SILVER PARK Co.Op.Society Would like to have an appointment to meet you personally to discuss certain grievances on HEALTH ISSUE due to faulty drainage system.

    We have all ready discuss this matter with our corporator Mrs. Vandana Chakre,there after Sabhapati Mrs. Kalpana Mahtre.They have visited the site but all in vain.However we are very much sure about your way of working & integrity towards the SERIOUS PROBLEM.Hence this request to look into the matter ASAP & oblige.


  • pravin said:

    The new commissioner Vikram Kumar is a honest and strict Commissioner, MBMC required a person like him, forget removing him before his term, he should get an extension as by staying here he will change the entire face of Mira Bhayandar, we stand united with the Editor’s take on this issue.

  • mayank said:

    Mira Bhayander is a den of corrupt builders and politicians who the MBMC’s previous regime has supported and made money from, so any stringent rules being put in place will always have repercussions, it is not surprising that the builder lobby and politicians are behind Vikram Kumar, its obvious and bound to happen as he has pulled up most of the departments in the MBMC which were first money friendly and not people friendly, but it will be difficult for the builder lobby and corrupt politicians to get him moved out as he has garnered peoples support being a non corrupt and clean person, but there is a small issue with him he keeps things or works pending and they get prolonged by him , but i think it may be because of the checks he may be carrying out, its my assumption, reality may be known to him better.

    But still i think and support the cause of retaining him as a Commissioner for Mira Bhayander.

    Its good that RTI Activist News team has highlighted this issue, Cheers and Kudos for it.

  • vijay Khandare said:

    The Municipal Commissioner of Mira Bhayandar You are really great and he is working for the humanity and he is very authentic and committed person Keep it up and strengthen the democracy by way of your working and enjoy your job without any pressure and burden.

  • Praveen said:

    Respected Vikram Sir, We need leader like you. request you to kindly continue your action which is very very required. We are with you. One more help your action required against builder like Ravi. he is very very fraud builder those who are making fool to innocent flat purchasers constantly.

  • Dhiraj Solanki said:

    Dear Sir,

    We vardhmaan co-operative ho-soc propose,New Golden Nest, are really thank full to you against hawkers sitting in front of our society to move. You are the great person we have seen in a such big position with a gentle heart to work for a common men and their problem.We are really happy to see your kind of honest commissioner in our town. May GOD Bless you and your family.

  • Sammy said:

    Dear Mr Vikram Kumar,

    I had bought a flat in an under construction property, which I booked 2 years back in June 2010. The construction completed in March 2012, but till now we have not received posession. The builder claims that his construction is as per all the palns and approvals received from the authorities. The builder says he has applied for Occupancy Certificate but not yet received any response from MBMC and since 2 months even the MBMC officials have not checked the site. Now if the MBMC officials do not keep things on priority and delay in checking the property and granting completion certificate; then it is not the builder who suffers but it is we the end customers who suffers. I have put all my savings and taken huge loan to get this property and each month of delay also results in huge monthly rent that i pay for my current rental house.

    I don’t know if you will listen to me as I have less than 1% hope in our system. I want to see what Mr. Vikram Kumar can do in getting me my property at the earliest. Can Mr. Kumar please have a system where MBMC takes not more than 15 days to check and grant completion certificate given all the things being in place. Or atleast help we customers understand why the things are being delayed on the MBMC’s part and what we should do to get our dream home as all our life time savings and liability is at stake.

    Hope you listen to us and hope we get prompt reply and action from you.


  • viraj chokhani said:

    hello sir
    mera born (bhayander(east)navghar road)me hua hai, kabhi b kisi ki kaam ki tarif nhi ki, par aaj such me aap ke bare bahut hi scha suna hai,main apne bhayander ko sab se acha sahar mannata hu,sir aap se mil toh nhi skta, par aapki pic dekh liya hai, great job sir, main wish karunga aap aise hi kaam kare
    bye sir,
    viraj chokhani

  • A.K.Gupta (Jesal Park) said:

    Its really good that RTI Activist News team has highlighted the issues in Mira-Bhayander area regarding illegal construction and water issues. We need Municipal Commissioner like Mr.Vikram Kumar who is honest & committed, request you to kindly continue your action which is very very required. We are with you.

  • R Sheikh said:

    We really need someone very very honest, sincere and dedicated personality at such top post who not only makes committments but also delivers. Though the prices of Mira-Bhayender have skyrocketed in past few years (thanks to the builder-politician nexus), the infrastructure remains same as it was a decade ago. The builders’ lobby has made a roof above common man’s head, just impossible by steeply raising real estate prices. The marshy land and salt pans suddenly turned into concrete jungle, not only prospering those in the construction & developing business but also the real-estate agents – who make all efforts to ensure that the prices (outright / rental )remain firm and market bloom with buyers and takers. The authorities responsible should ensure that all illegal constructions are demolished and prevent new ones from coming up so that the hard-earned money of buyers are in safe hands, at the same time try to deplete the undue margin /cushion in the present cost per sft, so as to make a shelter affordable to every common man.

  • Hemant Patel said:

    Advance Information on Adarsh-like scam about to happen in Mira Road

    On Monday 18th May 2012 an illegal takeover of a MBMC Building meant for Citizens of Mira Road located at Shanti Gardens (Nr Asmita Supermarket/Royal Collge)is planned with the collusion of some Netas without the Autorisation of Commissioner, MBMC or MBMC Standing Committee
    The MBMC Commissioner should be informed immediately and the Scam stopped in the best interests of Citizens of Mira Road

  • S.C.Vaidya. said:

    Res. commissioner,
    I am great appreciator of your work for the upliftment of MIRA ROAD .
    It is very sad that the Elected Corporators don’t do any work in the area from where they get elected. They are seen only when the election comes, otherwise they are seen on the BIG POSTERS ON THE ROADS WHEN THEIR BIRTHDAYS Or on achieving any Post in the Corporation.
    I want to draw your attention to the following problem:-
    In MIRA ROAD, near Jangid Tower the road between the Wine Shop &JAMMU KASMIR BANK is in a very bad shape , particularly at the corner of the Wine Shop : There are Big Open Holes on the road which are a constant danger for Children &Sr. Citizens.
    Lot of vehicles are parked by the WINE PURCHASERS on the corner of the road in the evenings .
    The local Corporators is unable to look into the trouble.
    Can you pl. Help in solving the problem.
    Yours sincerely,

  • pravin said:

    hello mr vikram sir , i m not here to blame the corrupt builders but as a whole the people should be blamed.They themselve r not bothered ABOUT THEIR FUTURE .WHEN ITS TOO LATE THEY WAKE AND CRY FOUL. I ON BEHALF OF PEOPLE WOULD URGE LOCALITES TO FORM THEIR OWN TEAM ACT AGAINST.

  • Dilip Raghunath Singh said:

    Honesty is the best policy. I also believe in this. I booked a flat in bhayander east. Where the 16storied building got completed in 2012 but the seven floor building is standing just with 2 floors. The builder says that the new municipal commissioner is not giving the CC for rest floors.
    You are looking into the woes of ordinary citizens. Therefore I request you to ask the builders in Mira Bhayander to complete the construction for the sanctioned floors as our hard earned money is blocked since 3 years.
    Thanking You,

  • Yogesh said:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to Draw your Attention on Access Area Covered by Shop Keepers in front of their Shop.

    They have Covered entire Footpath with their Luggage. Public have to Walk on Roads with Fear of Running Vehicles.

    I have full faith in you & believe you that you will take Serious Action against Them & teach them Lesson.

    We were Awaiting for Commissioner like you.

    Best Regards,


  • K.P.Boda said:

    Dear Commissioner,
    We the residents of Sonam Madhuban CHS Ltd. in New Golden Nest Phase 9, Building No.7 and 8 want to bring to your kind notice that our building is not getting proper water supply from the water pipe lines provided to our building since last over five years and have to therefore spend a huge amount by buying water from private supplies through tankers and have to totally depend on 25 to 30 tankers per month for our water requirement and while making inquiry with the Municipal Office we are told that since the building is in the interior area from the main connection and also on on a higher place, the pressure does not reach and the situation will improve only once the additional water will be release, till then nothing can be done. We have found that the buildings in the Complex are getting proper water supply and their water tanks over flow regularly and we the people of these two buildings are the only sufferers in spite of the fact that a recently new 9inch pipeline has been installed in our complex, no improvement has taken place in our condition and we face acute shortage of water supply from MBMC due to no fault on our part. I hope you are reading this and will take such necessary steps which will ensure to us a proper water supply through our connections so as to put end to our victimisation to takner lobby. Regards- Mr.K.P.Boda.