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Maharashtra Opposition Leader feels that SIC selection rules should be framed

3 August 2011 No Comment

August 3, 2011: Yesterday evening, RTI Activists met Opposition Leader Eknath Khadse at his office opposite Mantralaya, Krishnaraj Rao has sent in the details of the meet, RTI Activists urged Mr.Khadse to exercise his clout as one of the members of the Selection Committee of State Information Commissioners. They explained the issue of non-transparent selection of Information Commissioners, and handed over this letter: http://tinyurl.com/Eknath-Khadse-SIC-Selection

To his credit, he was already quite well clued in about the issue. “The last couple of times that we selected Information Commissioners, I was quite surprised that they had no criteria to determine the suitability of the candidate. I was given a list of 60 applicants, and told that we could select whomever we wanted! But I knew nothing about them! How could we do that?

“Maharashtra should frame rules for selection of Information Commissioners this time around,” Shri Khadse said, promising to take up the issue.

The five activists who met him were G R Vora, Dr Shrikant Prabhu, Navin Pandya, Pramod Kadam and Krishnaraj Rao. Kudos to G R Vora and Shrikant Prabhu for this excellent initiative!

Also see a news item that appeared in HT yesterday, where Eknath Khadse opined that it is urgent to select Information Commissioners to stop pendencies from mounting further: http://tinyurl.com/HT-Newsitem-SIC-Selection

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