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Invitation To RTI Activist’s Union Against Builder Mafia & Land Sharks

23 April 2011 4 Comments

To protect & facilitate citizens fighting illegal development & redevelopment, encroachment etc. we are working to form a union of  RTI Activists, aggrieved citizens, lawyers, architects etc. in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). We will hold our fifth meeting on this topic on Tuesday, 26th April, at 5.30 pm. You are cordially invited to participate.

Venue: 1st floor, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, Near Nanachowk.

Directions: Alight at Grant Road Railway Station (West) and walk straight through Bhaji Gully towards Tardeo Road. Venue is the first building to your right upon reaching  Tardeo Road.


At the last meeting, many aggrieved citizens narrated their stories, and in the discussions that happened, understood how to take the next steps forward in their battle. If you are fighting for a cause concerning Land & Building in Mumbai-Thane-Navi Mumbai region (MMR), please come and share your experiences.

1.      Email a brief and clear account of your story before Sunday evening (roughly 3-5 paragraphs). This will give us a rough idea of what you want to share with us. Also, we will be able to circulate it among knowledgeable colleagues and ask for their opinions before coming for the meeting.

2.      Come with one or two copies of your story, and also supporting documents. The architects, lawyers, journalists and RTI experts present may prefer to see such documents and understand details before giving their opinion.

3.      We request Professionals like Architects – who know the “Andar ki batein” i.e. inside realities — to come and share their knowledge with all of us. If you have inside knowledge of the workings of Building Industry, Land-grabbing Mafia, MMRDA, CIDCO, MCGM Building Proposal Department, Urban Development Department, Land Revenue Department etc., this is a special invitation to you. Good people must break the conspiracy of silence; it is our continuing silence that is enabling scams and corruption to happen everywhere.

Reports of past meetings for forming RTI Union against Builder Mafia & Land Sharks:


  • firoz tai said:

    we the tenants of the building and builer has harassing us our building is 1oo yaers old (A) category our old landlord residing in abroad past 62 years he never come to india he died recently in april we had rent collector he had sold building in 2007 he hold the special power of attorney to sell in 2000 not registered their is bogus signature and 2oo7 builder had registered the attorney with their lawyers and made a deed of conyenace between rent collector and builder and registersd it to old custom house
    the builder had not transfer in property card , and bmc till this date
    he has right to file a suit.

  • firoz tai said:

    when is your next meeting

  • editor said:

    Hello Feroz,

    You will receive an intimation for the next meeting,also the notice will be put up on the website here

  • anwar said: