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Government Firm On Bringing Down Proposed Lokpal Bill : RTI Activist

31 May 2011 One Comment

As expected by RTI Activist editorial team in our earlier News Posts the Government has started showing its true colors on the Jan lokpal bill , Initially to curb the protests which was turning out to be a headache for the Government, which was created by the STIR of the Activists and peoples representatives comprising of emminent personalities and crusaders like Anna Hazare, RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal, Dr.Kiran Bedi,Swami Agniwesh and initially Baba Ramdev aswell.

But all those efforts seems are going down the drain, in our earlier posts below




RTI Activist Editorial Team had clearly mentioned that slowly and steadily the Government will marginalize the Jan Lokpal Bill drafting Committe, as it does not wish to get the Jan lokpal bill in place. The initial response for inviting the peoples representatives was a farce, which was just to curb the overwhelming support which was garnered by the ongoing fast of Anna Hazare from across the country and keeping the Elections in mind which were ahead of them in different states, moreover the Government only wished to give out a feeling to the people of this country that they too are against corruption and they too are fighting to curb this menace , but after calling the People’s representatives to the table allegations of corruption started appearing in the media against the appointed Peoples representatives who were supposed to be drafting the Jan lokpal bill.

If we actually understand the demands put in by India Against Corruption, they have asked for stringent laws & punishments, which had sent out shivers in the already tense Corrupt machinery as if the demands of Anna Hazare and other activists get accepted there will be no way the Corrupt will be spared….but  this was not going to happen, like RTI Activist Editorial team only few handful people had doubted this in the initial stages itself and now  our perceptions are turning out to be true.

It seems that the the government’s views are that both the Prime Minister and the higher judiciary should be outside the purview of the Lokpal. They feel that if there was a corruption investigation against the Prime Minister, it will make him non-functional.

The break down of talks in inevitable and obviously the blame game is about to start, with the Government blaming the peoples representatives and vice-versa, but actually it will be our Democracy which will be the biggest loser as the Lokpal Bill has been stuck from the time of Independence.Every government has shown complete insensitivity and lack of political commitment to tackling corruption. 62 years after independence, we still do not have independent and effective anti-corruption systems. Very weak versions of Lokpal Bill were presented in Parliament eight times in last 42 years. Even these weak versions were not passed by Parliament. So passing of a stringent Jan lokpal bill is out of question for the politicians.

Its up to the people of this country to throw out Corrupt politicians in the forthcoming future elections belonging to any political party as a responsible citizen can only bring down a change in this country and till the time the Citizens of this country will have a ITS OK attitude nothing is going to change, as the Government is Firm on bringing down the proposed Jan lokpal bill.

Participate in the initative  and handout loss to the corrupt politicians as To Bring a change…We the Citizen’s need to change.Take your first step,Report Corruption & Injustice, because we can make a difference.Wake up save the Nation……Fight for the Right.”

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  • Shyamal Barua said:

    Baba Ramdev should clarify why he’s opposing about the inclusion of the Prime Minister in the Lokpal Bill. The GOI has deputed a top taxman to the Baba? BTW that same govt diggu singh had said could care less about Baba’s fast?