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Government Bows Out !!! Anna Hazare To Fast At Ramlila Maidan

18 August 2011 No Comment

In a breakthrough in the deadlock over Team Anna’s demand finally the Government has Bowed out,Team Anna Hazare have agreed to fast at Ramlila Maidan for 15 days, this was decided in the meeting between Team Anna and the Police yesterday night.The combing operations have already began by the police at Ramlila Maidan, its likely that he might reach the venue today, if the preparations are through today. If we look at the chain of events as they happened the protests had began all over the country in a massive form. This was a embarrassing situation for the Government and finally a solution seems to have been steered out by the UPA Government, instead of keeping Anna and team at bay and making the protests more bigger lets face the challenge up front.

These events would not have happened, if the Government would have tabled the Jan Lokpal Bill along with its version in the parliament for discussion, but the Government went against it and only placed its version in the parliament. Time is ripe for the People of all walks of life to Standup and Speak out, not just for the Jan Lokpal bill but as the events or protests show, its basically a frustration which is being vented out in the form of , Fasting,Peace marches, Mashal marches,and candle light vigils.

The events what are happening are a reason for bringing the entire country together on the issue of Corruption, more than anything else what the events have done, The events have created Unity among the Country and we expect the same from everyone, dont sit back and say Corruption is not ending, fight back for it to pull it out from its roots, you may not succeed on every instance nor will anyone else but your speaking out will make a difference, as the corrupt will know that there is a resistance to the bribe culture now and things can go bad and even ugly if their doings become public, Its we who are responsible for making this happen in our country.

Neither Anna Hazare, nor RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal or the rest of the members of India against Corruption have a magic wand to end corruption, its us “You and Me ” who has to fight back (resist) the corrupt and corruption, corruption is not just monitory its manipulation too, Mahatma Gandhi did not face corruption in the form of bribe but there was manipulation of the masses by the British Rule. Thats why we say To Bring a change…We the Citizen’s need to change.Take your first step,Report Corruption & Injustice, because we can make a difference.Wake up save the Nation……Fight for the Right.”

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