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Bangalore Development Authority making 5-star Hotel on Beggar’s Home Land

8 June 2011 No Comment

Rashtrotthan Sankalp has  filed a PIL on Beggary & Land Loot – 2nd Hearing on 8-June

RTI Activist Santosh P.Nargund has forwarded us these details via Krishnaraj Rao,

The PIL (WP9965/2011) on Beggary is at sl. no. 6 tomorrow (8-Jun-2011) in Court Hall 1 before the bench of the Chief Justice of the Karnataka HC. It may come up at around 11 am.

Tomorrow’s hearing is crucial as BDA/Govt. have broughtout a Notification to develop International Convention Center, Star Hotel, Commercial COmplex and Luxury Amenities in the 123.3 Acres and are moving to swindle the land meant for Social Welfare purpose. Our Writ Petition has sought a stay on the land transfer. In the past few days, media has been covering this issue very closely. Attached are the notification and some articles. We look forward to some positive developments in tomorrow’s hearing.

Some points for all Citizens to think and reflect:

Unethical Transfer of Destitute/Beggars’ Relief Centre Land to BDA and its Use for Commercial Purposes

On 30-May-2011, Bengalooru Development Authority (BDA) has, vide notification no. BDA/EE/ID-3/CRC/T-3/2011-12, invited Expression of Interest (EoI) for development of International Convention Centre, Star Category Hotel, Commercial Complex and Leisure & Entertainment facilities on the 123.3 acre land that was transferred from the Nirashritara Parihara Kendra (NPK) (Beggars’ Home) to BDA vide a Government Order dated 10-June-2010.

The Government order and the commercial development of the land, which was acquired from farmers in 1944 for a social welfare cause viz. Beggars’ relief and rehabilitation was challenged by a Voluntary Organisation in the HC. The High Court of Karnataka has admitted the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) challenging this GO and also to direct the Government of Karnataka to take several measures to implement the Karnataka Prohibition of Beggary Act, 1975 effectively so as to bring true relief and rehabilitation to beggars & destitute citizens.

In this context Citizens have to to think and reflect to following very important questions:

1.      Why is the government so eager to develop profit-making entities like Star Hotel, International Convention Center and Entertainment facilities on the land acquired for beggars’ relief and rehabilitation, when it has not done anything to rehabilitate thousands of destitute, beggars and homeless citizens found in every town and village of the state?

2.      What Public purpose or Social Welfare Cause is served by International Conventional Centre, Star Category Hotel, Leisure and Entertainment facilities, and Commercial Complex?

3.      This prime land of 123.3 acres close to Outer Ring Road and Namma Metro line has commercial value exceeding Rs. 2500 crores. Why the government has transferred this valuable public property free of cost to BDA and in turn to private parties for commercial and luxury amenities development?

4.      Why our Hon. Leaders of Opposition Parties are maintaining silence on this matter affecting the beggars, homeless, destitute, poor and downtrodden citizens of the state?

5.      Has our Hon. Chief Minister forgotten his own announcement in 2009 to develop ‘Mini‑Lalbagh’ on the NPK land acquired for the purpose of Social Welfare viz. Beggars’ rehabilitation?

6.      Who is responsible for the Rs. 3.5 crore of public money that the government spent to construct new buildings and facilities in 2007-08 inside the Kendra, which will be bulldozed now to build profit-making Hotels?

7.      What is cost that the public exchequer will incur to construct new facilities for beggars? One estimate says that cost of these new building would be Rs. 40 crores. Why the tax‑payer must bear the cost of this Tughlaq idea?

8.      Why is the government impatient to call for tenders to build International Convention Centres when the matter is subjudice?

9.      Who is the government trying to help here – the beggars, homeless, destitute and the poor citizens or Business houses, Corporates and the rich?

10.  Hon. Social Welfare Minister has been quoted to say in a leading Daily on 01-June-2011 that it would not be appropriate for him to take legal measures against the government on this issue of land transfer by being in the government. The Chairmain of the Central Relief Committee (CRC), who is the custodian of Beggary relief in the state has also expressed that he does not like the transfer of land. If they feel that the government is doing adharma by usurping the land meant for relief / rehabilitation of beggars and the downtrodden sections of the society, we appeal and encourage them to take a bold stand. They must walk the path of dharma and either ensure that the land is returned back to Nirashritara Parihara Kendra or take whatever measures are needed to return the land.

11.  Does the government have any estimate of the number of beggars in the city or the state and the scale of facilities required to provide relief and rehabilitation to all of them? Is even the present 161 acres of land with the NPK Bengalooru adequate to provide relief and rehabilitation to all beggars?

12. Why is the government denying the Garden City of 123.3 acres of Lung Space and the Opposition being a mute spectator to this atrocity?

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