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Attend Candle Light Vigil to Protest AP Govt.’s Appointment of Persons with Questionable Credentials as Information Commissioners. Save RTI. Protest and Spread the word

18 February 2012 No Comment

RTI Activist C.J.Karira

RTI Activist C.J.Karira from Hyderabad has put in his views and called for people to Attend a Candle Light Vigil to Protest Andhra Pradesh (AP) Govt.’s Appointment of Persons with Questionable Credentials as Information Commissioners.


The Government of AP has recently appointed Information Commissioners. However, the appointments do not conform to the letter or spirit of Right to Information Act, 2005.  Check this out:

This is what the Section 15.6 of RTI Act says– “(6) The State Chief Information Commissioner or a State Information Commissioner shall not be a Member of Parliament or Member of the Legislature of any State or Union territory, as the case may be, or hold any other office of profit or connected with any political party or carrying on any business or pursuing any profession.”Check out the appointments below and see how they violate both the letter and the spirit of the law:

Political Affiliation

The following persons who were appointed are directly associated/affiliated with political parties. This is a clear violation of RTI Act.
Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed – Member of TDP when contested elections in 2004 and 2009 and recently joined Congress.
Ms. Lam Tantya Kumari – is a former ZPTC member and daughter of the late Deputy Chief Minister Koneru Ranga Rao (congress).
Ms. M Vijaya Nirmala – contested and lost the Nuzvid Assembly seat in Krishna district on a PRP ticket in 2009.
Mr. V Venkateswarlu – Leader of NSUI and Member of INC party.

Conflict of Interest and Dereliction Towards RTI Act During Service

Mr. M.Ratan – is a serving IPS officer and his appointment is in direct violation of Section 15.6 of RTI Act.  He is also probably going to be caught in a case of conflict of interest as his wife Ms.Chaya Ratan is an IAS officer currently in AP cadre and also many of his senior colleagues still in government service.

Mr. Madhukar Raj  IFS (retired) & S. Prabhakar Reddy, IPS (retired) are both civil servants and will have a problem with conflict of interest on adjudicating matters where their colleagues might be involved. All the above three persons have been/are heads of very important offices which have a very poor track record in implementation of RTI Act. None of their current/last posting offices has a 4.1(b) manual as is required. If these people could not respect and honour the Act as head of the office, we see very little possibility of them discharging their duties and safeguarding the provisions of the Act.

Our Demands

  •   Cancel the present appointments and take up fresh appointments.
  •   The process of appointments should be transparent and there should be guidelines laid down for this purpose that are fair and take into account the spirit of RTI. The govt. should invite applications and screen the applicants based on credible parameters. This process should be transparent.

What Can You Do?

  •   Spread the word. Share this message/event on your facebook and tell everyone you know how the AP state government has diluted RTI Act.
  •   Join the ‘Candle light vigil’ being organized by ONE (Organization for Nation’s Empowerment) and other like minded groups on 19th February 2012 to protest the appointments.
  •   Petition to your local MLA to raise this issue in the Assembly and demand for a fresh selection through a transparent process with clear guidelines

Attend Candle Light Vigil

6.00 pm on 19th February
Location: People’s Plaza, Necklace Road
Call for directions: 9966 142 152

About ONE
ONE is an independent, non-partisan youth organization working towards a positive socio-economic and political transformation in the country. ONE believes that people should view and use politics as a means to achieve significant and sustainable progress and development, and not just look at it in the narrow perspective of electoral politics. ONE also believes that electoral politics is very important and that more well-meaning and capable young people should embrace it to bring about a positive political transformation in this country.

The organization was started by a group of passionate and committed working professionals with exemplary track records in their personal, professional and social lives. The members of this group come from varied backgrounds – regions, languages, professions etc., but are bound together by the common desire to work towards a positive and sustaining change in the country.

Website www.wetheone.org
facebook http://www.facebook.com/wetheone
Twitter: www.twitter.com/onetweetz

for More Details about Event :  https://www.facebook.com/events/167687986680377/

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