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Anna Hazare And Team Arrested ? Was It Unreasoned ?

16 August 2011 No Comment

As expected  Anna Hazare, and his team comprising of RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi,Shanti Bhushan were arrested today morning for mobilizing  the movement against corruption before they could start the agitation, and it was expected that a mass movement will be crushed. Has the government done a blunder ?

Most of the people  will say yes, but was this not expected ? pushing the government back to the wall was the situation what was created, The Congress party was not anyways going to garner any benefit from the Jan Lokpal Bill as the entire hype was for Anna Hazare as the case happened on RTI Act, the Congress (INC) was the Government which passed the bill but what they got in return was criticism and are still getting it.

We at RTI Activist News give a call to the people of India use your senses “Creating a Stir against Corruption is a good thing one thing but don’t become prey to intentions of Political views” It will be of use in current scenario but in the long term the effects or results wont come out of it. The intentions of Government in a Democratic system of our Country may be correct but the approach is wrong, the more you try and crush a movement the higher it will garner support, The Government did the job of a peace maker in the beginning but now it will take a tough stance against agitations, Jail Bharo Andolan is good in a way as the corrupt will realize the intentions of people who have got fed up and can lead to a revolt as is the case which is happening across the Globe.

Tthe corrupt will have a fear of few of these people who will get themselves arrested before indulging in to corrupt practices but later in the long run this too will perish.

Be an Indian First and a Activist Later.


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