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RTI Act under threat: Outgoing Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi

2 July 2012 2 Comments

Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi

RTI Act Under Threat : As Per Out Going Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi

As reported by CNN-IBN : Outgoing Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi has warned that the Right to Information Act is under threat and might become irrelevant in the next five years imp source.

Speaking to CNN-IBN, Gandhi said that the threats come from various sections. “The RTI Act is growing very well across the country, but there are serious threats to it,” he said.

He said that the government officials tend to get uncomfortable as the RTI Act has the power of exposing scams. “The lowest threat comes from the government with everyone in power realising that it’s changing the power equation as the citizens of India are asking questions. That’s making them uncomfortable. Major scams have come out in the last two years and 20 to 30 per cent can be attributed to RTI,” Gandhi said.

He also warned of threats from the judicial system. “There is threat from the judicial system as well. “A lot of progressive orders are landing in courts. The average citizen cannot go to them as it’s a long battle. It can be done by rich people,” Gandhi said.

“The biggest threat from Information Commissions. The state commissions have huge pendencies,” he added.


  • amitra sudan chakrabortty said:

    I do agree with the opinion of the Info Commissioner. But probably he has failed to bring to the notice of the public about the nexus in between the commissioner/s and the SPIO/s which saves the erring SPIOs is also a threat to the RTI Act.


    A S Chakrabortty
    A Human Rights Org.
    Asansol, WB, India

  • Haridas Mandal said:

    Biggest threats are from we the people who claps in the darkened cinema halls where a Filmy Hero fist fight with a Filmy Villain when the white collared enemies within roam free and garlanded at the silliest of silly excuse.
    Bigger threats come from the religious Trusts and Mis Trusts which condone thact of corruption at the high places allowing them to donate diamond studded crowns to the presiding Deities by the dozens and then use those religious Trusts as their Hawala Operators to atash black money abroad.
    Big threats are from our “YOURLORDSHEEPS’ who despite being empowered to deal with the corrupt , The criminals , the enemies within get themselves involved in Ram Janmabhumi, Ram Setu and such issues which are not their domains.They are the ones which have made the system of jurisprudence a very very expensive affairs and deliberately lenghty.