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National RTI Convention held at Shillong: RTI Activist’s Approve Exemplary Resolutions

14 March 2011 One Comment

RTI Activist’s have been the front runners in bringing a change in the Civil Society by coming up with few proposals which can prove to be Landmarks in the RTI Act on a later stage, the recent  Convention held at Shillong again proves this fact where some of the Resolutions passed will and should work for the Government as an Eye Opener. Many a times it happens that the law making Authorities don’t see the need of certain facts presented to them in the current scenario,but later when corruption scandals are exposed in the already recommended proposals which were rejected by the Authority,The law makers are on the back foot biting their nails. Few of the Exemplary Resolutions which were passed at the Convention are listed below.

At the third National RTI Convention held at Shillong RTI Activist’s passed  Resolutions pertaining to the RTI Act,One such resolution passed was that all Public Private Partnerships, Political parties, Trade unions and NGO’s to be brought under the purview of the RTI Act, this comes in the wake after the Planning Commissions rejection of this proposal, which was rejected stating that RTI Act 2005 stands applicable only on Public Authorities and not on Private companies.

One more such Resolution which was passed stated that Political Parties of our County also be declared as Public Authorities and be brought under the purview of the Act.

In any case Political Parties exist on the role model of Democracy,which is

To the people- For the people- By the people

The Resolution Stated the Election of office bearers of these parties and funds used by them should also be made transparent. Public representatives should declare assets and liabilities proactively every year, besides being transparent in the usage of MP and MLA funds.

The Shillong Declaration called for an Anti-Corruption Commission which will make sure that the information collected under RTI is taken forward and action is taken on the same. Suo Moto Disclosure under section 4 of the RTI Act and moral and legal responsibility on part of the Government and Information Commissioners to ensure protection of RTI activists.

This again brings to memory of the recently tabled  Public Interest Disclosure and Protection to Persons Making the Disclousres Bill,2010,

The declaration read by environmentalist and RTI activist Shekhar Singh said “There should be a process by which all legislations or bills before going through the parliamentary process be put in public domain and there is public consultation before enactment. Public views coming from the discussions should be reflected in the final bill”.

Another significant resolution was the convention demanded withdrawal of the Exemptions given under Section 24 to Security and Intelligence Agencies which the Declaration described as “Irrational and contrary to National Interest”.

Among the other resolutions adopted in the Shillong Declaration one more significant Resolution was,”Transparency of religious institutions and the use of public money for Religious purpose and bringing of Government expenditure under Social and Public audits .”

The National Convention, was attended by eminent personalities i.e.Ex-Chief Justice of India J. S. Verma, Former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court A. L. Shah, Former Chief Election Commissioner J.M.Lyngdoh Activist’s Aruna Roy and other noted RTI activists from across the country were also present.

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  • Manish said:

    Well this is not new for our country,scandals,scams,corrupt officials,corrupt politicians,everytime the same happens over and over again and no one is bothered,we Indians are thick skinned so we take things in our stride and the political parties take us a for a ride for the same…this got to change… will not change immediately but yes it should change given the happenings which are turning out to be a headache for the Corrupt politicians and officials,RTI Act has become a tool of wonder for the common man and a problem for the people who invented it…maybe not all of them but yes at least half of them…maybe i am over exaggerating..or may be i am under estimating…time will prove.