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Maharashtra Police ( Thane Rural ) Vehicles in Junk Condition : Is Maharashtra Police Having Shortage Of Funds ?

7 April 2012 One Comment

Maharashtra Police  Vehicles ( Thane Rural ) in Junk Condition : Is Maharashtra Police Having Shortage Of Funds ?

RTI Activist News has been following up continuously on the pathetic condition of vehicles of Maharashtra Police, and is shocked at the state of the Vehicles which are  running on the road , some of these vehicles are in a absolute Junk condition and should have been scrapped years back. If the current under preparedness of our Army was a shock for our Country, here is another shocker for all Maharashtrians. When Anna Hazare was provided with a old vehicle a lot of hue and cry was made for providing him a pathetic condition vehicle, but how many of us have actually thought as to what about the people who are driving such old and worn out condition vehicles,  Replies to RTI’s filed show that the condition of the Rural Police is far more worse, Post the attacks on Mumbai, Mumbai police was given armored vehicles and at least upgraded but if you check the condition of Maharashtra Rural Police, specially Thane Rural Police vehicles, the conditions are worse, Vehicles have been superficially repaired not because the workmanship or the mechanics are at fault…but because their is a shortage of funds and there is a delay in allotments of new vehicles !!!

One such issue which RTI Activist News team has been pursuing, is of Thane Rural Police, to avoid any embarrassment and keeping the dignity of our Police Department in mind we have not published the images of the vehicles, but we are in possession with the images and an entire video of vehicles which should have been scrapped long back as they are in unfit condition and not road worthy and are still assigned duties as main wireless vehicles in the Police stations, these vehicles can endanger lives of not only the people sitting inside the vehicle but also people on the road, Who will be responsible if there is a accidental death in such vehicles ??

To make matters worse even the maintenance fund is not being given fully to Thane Rural Police , it is also understood that there is a G.R which specifies the amount of funds to be allotted per month for maintenance of Police vehicles, but the condition of Thane Rural Police is such that to repair vehicles they are on a stage where the funds received are half the amount and the expenditure on repairs is double the amount i.e. Rs.2.5 lakhs is the amount received and Rs.5 lakhs is the expenditure a shortage of Rs.2.5 lakhs, these figures are approximate and rough and put up as per sources who do not wish to come on the record and confirm, Spare parts of Jeeps which are used as official wireless vehicles have disastrous state, First they are age old and  second spare parts of these vehicles are not even available in the Market, but still repairs are carried out on these vehicles, there can be a fatal accident anytime leading to casualties and Deaths, but the helpless Motor Transport department is only able to carry out superficial repairs.

In a incident which was narrated to us by a Senior Inspector of Police on the condition of anonymity was as such ” While on a busy highway all of a sudden the Clutch failed, it was lucky that the vehicle was just pulled on the side of the road for getting a bottle of drinking water, if the same thing would have happened when the vehicle was in motion say at the speed of 50 or 60 kms per hr, the consequences would have been disastrous !!!! i.e either major injury or death of  almost everyone in the Vehicle and maybe even on the road”

Today Mobility plays a vital role in the efficient performance by the State police force. Road worthy & mechanically reliable vehicles are always required for attending to law and order problems, VVIP bandobast & general police working. This important task is handled by the Motor Transport Organization, but even here our Police departments condition is just like our Indian Army which is struggling to meet its requirements !!! what can the Motor Transport Department do where does it get funds from ? , what is the maintenance cost per vehicle i.e. petrol and diesel, is the state government releasing funds or we should say adequate funds for upkeep of the Vehicles  ? , these are questions what we are putting up to the State Government and the Home Department Mr.R.R.Patil Sir you expect the Police Department to function , but function how ” Crippled “  There are few up keeping details which need to be looked in to immediately, if the salaries of the Police Department can get delayed its presumable that either the State Government has a poor view of the Department or its left to fetch for itself.

We at RTI Activist hereby request our Chief Minister Mr.Prithiviraj Chavan to have a glimpse at the budget of the Police department and up keeping of it , as any loss of life due to Chalta hai attitude, negligence or careless behavior can lead to disastrous consequences if a on duty officer / officers lose their lives, it will be a shame not only for the Police Department but for the State of Maharashtra as well, which boasts of being one of the Best in the entire Country.

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  • Sameer said:

    I ‘ve read this article. I live in area that comes under Thane Rural Police. I am really concerned about this matter. If the police dont have proper mobility how can they respond swiftly to Emergencies? This is a serious matter. Can i get the pics of our Police cars via email? I hope the CM or Home Minister looks into this.