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Illegal Construction On Forest Land : Who To Blame, Municipal Corporation,Politicians Or Sub Registrar Office ?

17 December 2012 No Comment

Are you a resident of a Illegal Construction on Forest Land  and are furious and don’t know who to blame ? Well Blame it on the entire system The Local BMC,Politicians and the Sub Registrar Office the biggest Culprit, Atleast in Thane District in Maharashtra you can blame all of them.

If you go thru the list below of Thane District in Maharashtra major portions fall below Forest Land, but the Thane Municipal Corporation and the Sub Registrar office has blatantly given permissions and approvals for constructions to Builders , who not only have constructed the buildings but have also sold them off to Buyers who were unaware of this illegality, to top it up the Sub Registrar office played a major role in registering these illegal Constructions !!!, even if you check out every Sub Registrar office has a list of CTS Numbers / Hissa Numbers of these forest land which are mentioned below :

Kavesar : 141/6141/2, 170/1,2 , 170, 142, 158/1, 158/2, 129/2, 129/4, 147/3

Kolshet : 146, 147/5, 147/6, 147/7, 147/10, 147/11, 155/1, 1552/2 ,155/3, 155/4 , 155/5, 155/6, 155/7, 155/8 , 155/2A , 155/2B , 155/2C, 155/D, 155, 282 /4

Parsik : 83/1 , 82/1

Kalwa : 188/1 , 188/2 , 188/3 , 188/4/1 , 188/4/2, 188/5 , 168/1 , 168/2, 168/3, 168/4, 170

These are a few for more you can refer the DNA Article http://dnasyndication.com/dna/article/DNMUM123766 which will guide you through the entire list of Forest land List.

So how had the Sub Registrar registered documents of Plots under these forest list ? Well here is the catch, the Sub-Registrar office in Connivance with the Builders has taken additional amounts for registering flats in such buildings !!! This is not an allegation but a reality,you can judge it yourself, even after all the sub registrar offices in Thane having the list of these Forest land plots how did they get registered ?  without the actual buyer knowing the reality of it being illegal ? why this happens ? The buyer who is actually unaware and in his haste goes ahead and books a property and buys it, the builder through his tie-up at the sub registrar office gets the document registered of the flat, showing several documents i.e CC ( Commencement Certificate ) from the Local Municipal Corporation, layout plan and at times even OC ( at times fake ), and also clearance certificate received from Forest Department (sometimes which do not even exist ) they are fake and get the property registered many such people who had bought properties in such buildings unknowingly became a victim of this.

This leads to the chain of reselling these forest land properties and registration of these properties over and over again in terms of sale transactions, the buyer who bought the property the first time if he senses that there is going to be a problem, again puts up the property for sale, the broker who does the sale transaction charges a handsome amount for this, the new buyer again is someone who is unaware of the illegality of the property.

Certain times investors use there money to block these properties as a case is already prolonging in the Court which will not allow demolition of these properties and structures, Political Parties take full advantage of this clause and support the owners of these disputed land buildings stating ” The TMC or the Forest Department should have issued a notice before the beginning or commencement of these buildings , after completion and after people occupying the same it cannot be termed as illegal”.

Similarly as per the Government norms parking area cannot be sold but the sale of such parking space still continues and even gets registered, there are many cases where builder has used the parking area and made flats and sold them off, and even they have got registered, !!!!

So what verification is done by the Sub-Registrar or the Joint District Registrar office before such kind of flats / properties are registered ? Nothing !!!! This also is not a allegation but a fact which can be proved anytime if needed, this also proves that the Sub-Registrar office is equally involved in registering the illegal Constructions which creates problems later for the Common Citizen who is caught unaware in the trading of illegal properties. A problem which started with a illegal construction, gets assistance from Politicians who either get such builders clearances or keep the authorities away from these so the construction of the structure gets completed and is sold. Today buyers buy flats or properties on loan what verifications are done by banks ? barring a few most of the illegal properties can be bought on a loan,because the loan is not given looking at the property document, but by the repayment capacity of the Buyer or Borrower,so the involvement of Financial institutions also is a big question mark on this issue, even after it being decided that Forest land properties have to be registered by collecting additional 50% stamp duty , this is evaded not by the buyer but the Sub-registrar offices involvement in it.

RTI Activist News will soon put up the modus operandi of the Sub-Registrar office which will step by step make the readers understand as to how the entire scam of registering illegal properties is done in Connivance with the Builders, Politicians and Municipal Corporation offices.

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