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Anna Hazare’s ammendments To Lokpal Bill, Dictatorial or Democratic ?

7 April 2011 One Comment

Jan Lokpal Bill Democratic or Dictatorship

There has been a growing resentment among the RTI Activist’s, Social Workers, Ngo’s and most importantly the common man about Corruption in India, But the Government Machinery thinks something else.

The Government Machinery feels that Anna Hazare, has created a unnecessary hype about a issue which they dont deny, but they do not agree to the kinds of Demand what Anna Hazare has laid down, in terms of Ammendments in the drafting of the Lokpal Bill,  Hazare has been pushing for many changes which the government feels are Dictatorial demands, One person cannot become everything, and if that happens it cannot be termed as Democracy it will be Dictatorship.

The Lokpal bill what the Government has drafted and what the Citizens Movement Demands has become a very matter of existence for them.

The Government has proposed :

  • The Lokpal will have no power for initiating action to look against the complaints which are against the Prime Minister, Member of Parliaments but only which are sent by the speaker.The India Against Corruption Movement feels the other way round with it having jurisdiction over everybody.
  • The draft of Government does not have place for action against Judges. The Jan Lokpal bill has asked for powers to initiate action against judges.
  • The Government draft wants the Lokpal to be an advisor, who will just forward complaints to a higher authority who will decide if any action is to be taken. The Jan Lokpal Bill states it wont be an advisory body but wants power of prosecution after completion of investigation.
  • The Governments draft states that the Lokpal cannot register and FIR. The Jan Lokpal bill states it will have power to register an FIR, can initiate criminal proceedings and will have power of prosecution.
  • The Government does not include CBI role in Lokpal bill. The Jan Lokpal demands  that the anti corruption wing of CBI should be merged with Lokpal.
  • The Government Bill states it can prosecute in terms of a Jail term to false complainants. The Jan Lokpal wants financial penalties for false complaints.
  • The Government draft Bill does not have the Protection clause for Whistle Blowers. The Jan Lokpal wants  powers for Protection of Whistle Blowers.
  • The Government draft bill wants three retired judges to be its members. The Jan Lokpal bill demands ten members and a Chair Person, The member should consist of four members who have a  Legal Background.
  • The Governments draft of Lokpal Bill wants the selection committe to Comprise of Vice President, Prime Minister, Member of Parliaments  in both Houses the Law Minister and the Home Minister. The Jan Lokpal bill wants the selection committee to have Legal (Judicial)background comprising of CEC,CAG and Noble Prize winners.
  • The Governments draft of the bill has a minimum punishment for corruption of 6 months and maximum 7 years. The Jan Lokpal bill has demanded minimum punishment to be 5 years and maximum to a Life Imprisionment.
  • The time limit for enquiry for the Governments Lokpal is 6 months but no time limit is set for completion of the trial against the culprits. The Jan Lokpal Bill demands investigation to be completed in 1 year and another year for the trial to be completed.
  • The Governments draft of Lokpal bill does not have provision for the recovery of the money accumulated from Corruption.  The Jan Lokpal bill has demanded to recover all loses caused to the Government from the accused.

If the above demands are Dictatorship then this country can never overcome the demon of Corruption, with the reigns of Power fully in the hands of the Politicians the people of this country will be mute spectators, as they have been till the RTI Act was implemented.

It seems that the  Government is aware of the fact, that the Right To Information Bill has already become a Noose in its neck and by passing or accepting the demands in the Jan Lokpal Bill it will become a Hang till Death Punishment for most of the Corrupt Babus in this Country.

Now the ultimate test of the Government begins. A freedom movement after so many years of Bonded Labour , where  till now the common man was just a Mute spectator but now who is demanding to be actively participate in the decisions of the Government, which affect him in his day to day life. Its up to the Country Men as to what they feel this movement is a Democratic movement or a Dictatorship.

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  • pravin said:

    heartbreakingly naive.who will watch the watchman ,sir? and Nobel prize winners? surely you dont think a bunch of politicians in sweden or norway should have a say in who selects the Indian ombudsman?
    the only way to remove the demon of corruption is from the root: the state is a necessary evil.so reduce its size.if the govt cannot make decisions or influence matters related to the economy,there is no incentive for anyone to try and bribe anyone in the govt.businessmen will die and live by the quality and demand for their products alone.

    what one can do here is:bring back the fundamental right to property in this country,strengthen the judicial system by having competing courts -staffed by well paid judges.dispute resolution should be speedy and people will take care of themselves.
    this lokpal nonsense is all paternalistic where you assume that the adults of india are indiots who need a big babu to guide their moral characters.gimme a break fellas