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Activists Start Fast, for Strengthening Lokpal Bill…Does It Make A Difference To The Government ?

5 April 2011 One Comment

Anna Hazare along with other noted personalities and RTI Activists, has started the fast today for the Jan Lokpal bill, which will strengthen the anti-corruption laws by bringing in rigorous punishment in terms of Life Imprisonment and Confiscation of entire assets accumulated through such deeds.

Hazare along with other Activists have been demanding  civil society members to include them in the joint committee to draft the Lokpal Bill, but that was refused by the ministerial sub-committee. It is not that the decision of (IAC) India Against Corruption Movement was spontaneous,they had given ample time to the Government for getting them involved before finalizing the bill where in they had demanded the bill to be more stronger in action against the corrupt.Those accompanying Hazare include Right To Information (RTI) activist Arvind Kejriwal and former top cop Kiran Bedi.

But its time and again that the Government has curbed agitations, it can be the Gurjar Andolan or the IAC movement,it seems the Suo Moto intention of our Government seems not to have involvement of Social Activists and Peoples Representatives as this will create a negative impact on their image and send out a message of Surrendering to their demands, which is neither acceptable nor tolerable to our Political Community.

If our Political Community is saying they have immense respect for Anna Hazare and the members of IAC movement what is the use of such respect which is their as an illusion. If they do not accept the involvement and recommendations of Activist’s which are justified and have a substantial reasoning , it clearly means they are trying to woo them through sweet talks and surely like every time they hope to succeed, Its not the question of the Prime Minister alone who may not be ready to accept this but the previous experience of such agitations is already known to everyone in India.

We standby the thought process of Anna Hazare and hope that if sense prevails in the Government, they will make in a Joint Committee to formulate the Final Jan Lokpal Bill along with the Activists or else this will go against them( Government), where it will have to face criticism for not practicing what they preach which has been the case till date.

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  • b.ravi kumar said:

    corruption :The movement is People vs Politicians.