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BCCI Elects National Cricket Team Of India ? Should It Be A Public Authority Under The RTI Act or not ?

20 May 2013 No Comment


The recent IPL Spot Fixing has highlighted the ugly side of the BCCI again, and brought to light the problem, that any game in the hands of Political Leaders will always be filled with Controversies.

BCCI calls itself a Private Body !!! Should  our Country’s Cricket Team be selected by a PRIVATE BODY ? and still get away with Murky and shoddy functioning, BCCI has said that being a Private Body which does not take any Government Funding it does not fall under the RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT. A game which every Indian follows as a religion, is a puppet in hands of the Politicans, who are part and parcel of BCCI… WHY ?

The only person wanting to get in under the purview of the RTI Act it seems is the Sports Minister Mr.Ajay Maken, who has again appealed to the CIC to bring the BCCI under the RTI ACT and has filed and appeal with the CIC.

But as an Indian, what do people feel ? Today Politicians rule on every other Sports Bodies which has brought the Indian sports to a dismay situation, though IPL was believed or is believed to be a game changer in terms of Fortune made by the BCCI which also highlights Conflict of Interests, indirectly it has highlighted an issue, which today every Cricket Fan in India or across the world will think ….what kind of Management is BCCI if Team Managers itself are in touch with Bookies, Kirti Azad got one such Manager removed from Delhi Cricket Board, Involvement of First Class and Ranji Trophy Cricketers proves that the Board of Cricket Control in India is in a mess.

Whatever the CIC decides finally its is the stake of millions of Indians which is put at stake by a PRIVATE BODY called BCCI, which is known or alleged to be flexing its muscles and dictating terms even to the ICC ( International Cricket Council ), Conflict of interest is present but eyes of everyone are shut, as every one wants to have a piece of the cake called BCCI.

Should it be a Public Authority or not will be decided by the CIC, but with such high stakes involved as a Country, with the reputation of the Game at stake, time has come that BCCI’s functioning be made transparent and known to the people of this Country…what do you say.


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