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Arvind Kejriwals Allegations On Robert Vadra,Is It Activism At Its Best Or A Political Drama Unfolding ?

10 October 2012 One Comment

Dear Friends, We all expect a lot of things to tumble out from the spade of allegations being made by Activist turned Politician Arvind Kejriwal in regard with the Gandhi Family Son-in-Law Robert Vadra, it will slowly and steadily unfold, but what has that got to do with the problems being faced today by every Indian ? Today our Country is rated worst in Corruption, Scandals are getting revealed in every state, Politicians from every party seem to be involved in every scam which is rocking the Indian Democracy, but where are we heading ?

India Against Corruption was a movement which was once looked upon as an Institution which had likes of Anna Hazare as a Mascot, and the team which every Indian felt was talking on behalf of them, Issues of Corruption which affected the Common Man or the Aam Admi, but where is it heading, First Anna Hazare giving out a statement of a Political outfit being formed, then backtracking on supporting the Political Party being Floated by Arvind Kejriwal, differences came out in the open within once a Team Anna , but later covered for the sake of keeping face up in front of the Indian Country Men.

There is no doubt that Corruption has to be tackled and uprooted from our system, but proving the allegations will be a uphill task for Arvind aswell, It is well known that Politics is bigger in our country than its Democratic Values, Favors happen across the country to the Politicians or their family members and they are cleverly covered up by Company Laws or Governing Managements, it is impossible to think that if a Political big wigs relative grows at 100 times the speed in terms of Monetary value eyebrows will not be raised, Infact it happens everywhere and has been happening from ages in this Country, Robert Vadra may be the current and a Classic case, but with allegations and Counter replies by Congress Leaders , this just will become a Political heroism done by Arvind Kejriwal to get in to the limelight before the Delhi Elections, which will be the first Acid Test for the Newly yet to be named Party.

Activists and people across the Country have given out mixed reactions, some of you must be feeling ” starting with the Gandhi Family will send out shivers and confuse other political parties by indirectly speaking in favor of Arvind Kejriwal and create a stir in the Political Parties who in turn will start a cleansing process in their own outfits, do you think so ? you are mistaken ? Today Maharashtra is a classic example of it, Prithviraj Chavan is known to be of a clean image a non corrupt Politician and has been said to be going after the corrupt , but the irrigation scandal which has rocked Maharashtra has infact created rukus for him, the alliance partner in Maharashtra NCP and the UPA Ally infact wants him to be moved out…the resignation of the Dy-CM Ajit Pawar was a step in that direction, today or tomorrow Prithviraj Chavan will be moved out of Maharashtra as the alliance will succumb otherwise which proves “Sometimes even if you have a will you don’t have a way”, whether in state level Politics or at the Central Level, Coal gate may have left Congress wounded at the Centre but the Irrigation scandal in Maharashtra and its political fallout shows that even if they decide to act against the corrupt they will not be left with options….options of survival .

Where does Arvind Kejriwals current Activisim or which some who name it Political Drama land him ? No where, today the media is too cautious on saying or raising fingers on the so called First Family of this Country” The Gandhi Parivar” Political Parties receive funds from most of the Top Companies in India, which they are allowed too, but what happens behind the scenes is unknown to the aam aadmi courtesy the Law of our Country which states Correctly ” No one is guilty till Proven” hurling allegations is easier but proving them is a difficult task, it wont be surprising if a Defamation case may get filed against Arvind Kejriwal by a politician not necessarily Congress, but it wont happen till he keeps himself restrained or keeps a check on his words, Activism and Politics are different, People will be standing for a cause with IAC but will the same amount of people standby for a Newly formed Political Party ? Seems difficult as even after all said and done, the Voters get influenced by first the Practical day to day issues of their life and second, the worst, Money Power plays a bigger role in Politics even if some of us deny it we know for sure that it exists and affects Voting trends, so it is to be seen now if Arvind Kejriwals Allegations On Robert Vadra reveal any facts and prove charges of favors received by DLF due to Robert Vadras presence in those companies, its going to be a Tough and Rocky Political Ride for Arvind Kejriwal.


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  • haridas mandal said:

    Issues raised by Team Anna and Team Kejriwal the Front of IAC/YFE and such like minded individual are as follows :

    a) That politicians are not independent individual but at the beck and call of the High Command (Here High Command is not universally applicable but specific to Gandhi Parivar and not Sangh Parivar).
    b) That Sansad is packed with goons and dons and mafias hence they will never ever allow a law which enforces that law on them to be enacted inside the parliament.
    c) That Aam Admi / common man is not associated in the law making and hence there will be referendum as per the will of the Team Anna’s civil society.
    d) That Jan Lokpal bill is to be enacted and nothing short is accepted by Team Anna’s Civil society.
    e) That all political parties except Congress want Jan Lokpal Bill hence Congress is to be uprooted from the centre.
    f) That There is no other civil society beyond team Anna & Team Kejriwal.

    My observations are :
    Who are those in this IAC ? Why they are seen synonymous to all hindu fundamentalist outfits and against reservations for BC/OBC but not against Management quota which is worse?
    My point why tEAM Anna, Team Kejriwal , Team Ram Baba, Team Bapu Asharam , Team Sri Sri 420 are trying to attack Gandhi Parivar only > Why it is sparing Sangh Parivar which is more harmful for this country?
    Unless tEam Kejriwal clears the points raised against him he and his IAC may be able to collect more money for their political funds but will soon be history like Aya Rams & Gaya Rams.It is the English media which is pursuing a similar strtegy to weaken Gandhi Parivar to bring in RSS Parivar for their own vested interest will soon be kicked harder.
    I bet..