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One More RTI Activist Threatened….Will The Law Take Its Own Course ?….Or Again “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”!!

26 March 2011 No Comment

Well the saga continues of RTI Activists getting threatened, In one more such incident, Sanjay Gurav an RTI activist from Mumbai, has received death threats after he requested information regarding a Contractor, The contractor who is repairing a building in MarineLines,Mumbai.

More over the contractor was only authorized to take a maximum contract of not more than Rupees 1 lakh. Though MHADA has initiated a enquiry after they received the complaint, it is doubtful, that  a concrete action against the Offending / Alleged Contractor  will be taken, As things like this are pre-determined and master-minded by such contractors and every department is taken care of by them initially itself so as to avoid any problems later.

As its only a few days back when the RTI Activist Editorial team had revealed how MHADA’s Repair and Re-Development Board functions , The M.B.B & R Board had taken 6 long years to “Repair” as they define it to a Single storey building in Kalbadevi, The building which was completed demolished and a New Structure (Re-constructed)has been made now in a time frame of not even a month, where as till that time a 72 year old Senior Citizen was made to run pillar to post for getting his house back.

In this case also the M.B.B & R board itself had raised the cost of repairing, a small time contractor was awarded the contract, who didn’t have any lay out plan available with him on the site of “Repair” which should be called Re-construction / Re-Development.

The Shoddy state of MHADA’s , M.B.B & R Board is already highlighted by us in the below post MHADA Board twists words naming Re-development or Re-Construction as Repairs

It is very clear with the above that MHADA is not a entity to ease out problems but to create more of them for the Tenants and Residents of buildings who opt in for Re-development or Repairs.

It is to be seen now if the Mumbai  police will provide any assistance in the form of Security actually to Gurav, or it will be another farce act by them too.

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