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Jammu Kashmir & Arunachal Pradesh Not Showing In India’s Map In Google Analytics: Is Our Government Machinery Watching Or Sleeping!!

2 April 2011 No Comment

Who gave the right to change our Country's Map


RTI Activist team reveals another example of how the world is taking India lightly,In the adjacent map you can clearly view that the state of Jammu Kashmir has been unmarked from the Indian map, also the state of Arunachal Pradesh has been un marked.

This has been done recently on 1st April 2011:yesterday, till day before yesterday the map was clearly full and showing,when google analytics team was questioned by few users on this the Google Analytics team had a clear statement which is enclosed below along with the queries which were put in, the link also is enclosed below.


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Why Kashmir Not Showing in India’s Map in Google Analytics..? Report abuse


Amit Kalhan 

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Google Analytics Map Report is Not Showing Kashmir in India’s Map,

Please Make the correction and Show Jammu Kashmir in Indian Map

as its the Main Part Of India. Please do it as soon as possible as its a Serious Issue…

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yep i saw it today and thought something was wrong…

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Web Analytics Tools 

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Hey Amit and miraclestudios,

Google does not clearly show up controversial states into a country’s map.

If you watch closely you will find even Arunachal Pradesh is not shown in

India the reason being Kashmir is also claimed by Pakistan and

Arunachal Pradesh is also claimed by China.

Even the way these states are displayed in Google Maps is questionable as Arunachal Pradesh

is supposedly shown as a part of China if you look at Google Maps in China.”

If that is the case what has been mentioned above then why was it present till yesterday ? Even if these states are controversial it is known to the world that these belong to India and till the time the dispute is not settled they still remain the integral part of our Country.

The sovereignty of our Country is being challenged by this and the Government Machinery needs to take a look at it immediately and raise a objection, The states which are being claimed to be a disputed territory may be disputed but wiping them off the MAP is totally unacceptable.

We at RTI Activist condemn this wrong theory as no one can apply double standards,there are various countries which have disputed territories were all of them wiped of yesterday, There seems to be a bigger Conspiracy behind this to create a RIFT, We are not raising a doubt on the integrity of any person or company by this but it needs to be understood by every one around the world that if a status quo is being maintained on a certain issue no one has the right to write it off .

If you watch Similarly the map below which is being displayed on Google maps it still has those so called controversial states in it but with a dotted line, The Editorial Team of RTI ACTIVIST does not object to this, but wiping it off our Map is un called and unjustified by Google.

Wake up all you Indians and make sure your objection is known to our politicians and  people world wide by condemning this.





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