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Who Will Decide The Draft Of The Lokpal Bill ? India Against Corruption Movement Or The Government .

15 April 2011 2 Comments

The clashes are already coming out ahead of the joint committe meeting for drafting the Lokpal Bill, RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal has put forth a clear thought perception of the draft, as per India Against Corruption Movement, they want the base draft to be theirs.

The India Against Corruption Movement wants the Jan Lokpal bill drafted by them to be accepted for making the Lokpal Bill, along with Videography of the entire proceedings and also involve the People of the Country.Many people are already labelling the Lokpal as a supercop, who can turn the tables tomorrow and can go bizarre, There are people who are already hurling allegations against the movement and the very nature of drafting the Jan Lokpal Bill.

But ,RTI Activist and Magasay Award winner Arvind Kejriwal, wants the Government to pin point the points on which the government is with them and the points which the government is against, so the meeting turns out to be fruitful, Kejriwal also wants the proceedings of the meeting to be recorded so that the transparency factor remains intact, which is also the main aim of the “India Against Corruption Movement” in terms of the Lokpal Bill.

Kejriwal wants the government to set up a website for public suggestions and if  not, they are already coming up with a solution for the same. On the issue of the Lokpal being branded as supercop, Kejriwal explains “the Lokpal is  just an effort to mend the problems faced by the CBI or the CVC. We are proposing that that part of CBI which deals with anti-corruption cases should be taken away from it and merged into the proposed Lokpal. This will form the investigation wing of the Lokpal. It will directly report to the Lokpal. This will ensure independence of investigations and prosecutions,” he also said. “A wrong impression is being created that Lokpal will announce judgments. The Lokpal will not announce judgments”.

The Government must have got some relief with those words, as till now every one had a feeling and assumption that the Lokpal will be the one who will be handing out sentences to the guilty. Kejriwal has also clarified that the Lokpal would have jurisdiction over politicians, bureaucrats and judges but would not have powers to award punishment.

Here we feel the “India Against Corruption” are losing out steam, by giving statements as such. why ? well the government is only waiting for a chance where it can get away from the Lokpal bill, who’s Drafting as per the India Against Corruption movement looks eminent and by giving out any such statement it will work as fuel for the already starved government and who will get a chance for not drafting the bill as per the peoples requirement.

Every one in this country are looking up to you guys for getting things resolved, but accepting any kind of changes in the JAN LOKPAL Bill , will kill the feelings of  anger which are still alive in the common man due to a sickening Government Machinery, which has been on the back foot since the Movement started.

As said in our earlier article : Has the India Against Corruption Movement Won ? Not Yet… the real battle begins now , the tough times have just begun….its a long road ahead.


  • H C Gupta said:

    Any Level and class of Govt servent must be in the perview .
    Time period be fixed to complete enquery and the complainant be informed at each stage of progress during enquery .

    Any political leader/member held position govt be enquired and prosecuted as procedure laid down .

    In functon of state/central govt officecs clearence of each type of work be notified . Person keeping pending, making delay application/complaint of a citizen be punished as equally as briber because Delay Denotes Demand .

    In any matter whenever remain pending, delay more than 2/3 months : applicant get harrassed physical, mental, family and social level be compensated by deduction from salary of concerned employees .
    Politician diverting by propagating that voters elect MLAs, MPs is not acceptable . Because voters have no choce to REJECT on ballot .

  • Pooja said:

    In no case can there be Govt or Bureaucrats involved in the framing of Jan LokPal Bill. Reasons are:
    1) Principle of natural Justice say that no person can be a judge in his own case. Hence, we can’t have their representation in the lok pal electing committee.
    2) Govt does not have the Will power to bring such law…it has not been able to pass the bill since independence.
    3) People have lost faith in Politicians and alike clects.
    4) Why would a person draft a strict law which can catch and punish him later in life if caught. And why would someone elect an honest and upright man as Lok Pal who can be a danger to him and his fellow brother politicians and Bureaucrats.

    I suggest Involvement of CJI and Social activists in appointment of Lok Pal in place of any political figure. PM or Vice President or Speaker etc political entities should not be allowed to appoint a Lok Pal since Lok pal has jurisdiction over them too. CJI is the best person here to appoint him along with social activists.