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Lokpal Bill Will Be The Final Nail In The Coffins Of Corrupt

12 April 2011 One Comment

Only the Common man along with RTI Activists,and social activists have been the biggest supporters of the Lokpal bill,which if implemented will have astonishing results, but there have been assumptions as to how the Lokpal bill will facilitate the common man, These are being raised by many people, mostly politicians. Kapil sibbal had said “I ask this question, if a poor child does not have any means for education, then how will Lokpal Bill help? If a poor man needs help for medical services then he will call up a politician. How will Lokpal Bill help.” Well can anybody answer your question Mr.Sibbal ? If a poor child does not have any means for education the Lokpal Bill will definitely help, what was the Right To Education Bill passed for ?? questions can be raised by everybody even you…please think there have been many cases where funds allotted for projects are siphoned off, We think you have forgotten. If a person needs medical services he will not ask the politicians but definitely he can question the authorities responsible who are supposed to be providing medical aid in Government aided hospitals under RTI and again expose one more scam there, if he cant get medical aid at a marginal cost and if the documents demanded under RTI Act point towards corrupt practices, you already know what are the proposed recommendations under the Lokpal bill.The Common man has got fedup as even after digging out documents which point to the Guilty, they have to go through hardships, only few pursue the cases in the Court, but that will not be the case under the Lokpal bill.

If the Lokpal bill would have been in force today, those guys who are pushing in for a Nuclear plant in Jaitapur, which can become another Fukushima Nuclear plant which is already bearing the brunt of nature and can have catastrophic results.As even Jaitapur falls under the seismic zone and a little crack in the nuclear reactor is enough to destroy the entire region around it,Japan is still struggling with its Nuclear reactors and has raised the warning to 7 after another earthquake, which is as equal to Chernobyl disaster level indicator, they had not thought that a Natural Calamity can do this to them, but our government still insists on it.A retired Supreme Court judge PB Sawant has been leading the agitation in Jaitapur, does he know the law ? moreover the land is being bought by unknown buyers in jaitapur now.Its not the law alone, its the mindset of the government which has been treading on many delicate issues and diverting attention.

The Lokpal bill will be the last nail in the coffin, if APPROVED with the proposed rigorous punishments for those corrupt officials who do not understand the word human being forget Indian and who hold people to ransom for their works to be done in Government offices. So Anna Hazare has rightly asked Mr.Kapil Sibbal to quit the panel, if he thinks the Lokpal bill will not be of any use to the common man.

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  • SyedMahmoodAliChishti said:

    Soochna ka adhikar ki jankari mangne par gram panchayat cheerapaatla k sachiv tatha gavasen k ranger k dwara mujh par thana chicholi jila betul k betul-harda nh-59a par ajai jod k pas 28-03-2011 ki raat me pranghatak hamla hua hai.