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Is Shanti Bhushan Corrupt Or Is He Being Vicitimized ?

20 April 2011 No Comment

The Smearing campaign has already begun and it was already expected, It is to be taken in to consideration that moment Anna Hazare named a politician to be the most corrupt and he moved out from his chair, immediately after that the smearing campaign has started. Now its time for smearing to start on RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal we think, Who even himself had said ” Now they will come out with allegations against me too !! “.

Why ? well slowly and steadily the India Against Corruption panelist who are there to draft out the JanLokpal Bill are being targeted. Every body fails to understand that where were the allegations when the Bhushan’s were not selected on the panel, why  and from where all of a sudden everything has come out. Either till this time the Government was waiting for the panel to form with the Co-chairman as Shanti Bhushan and then target him or it is something to do with the JanLokpal bill drafting which could be up with stringent punishments if Shanti Bhushan remains on the Panel, which is not acceptable to the Political Fraternity of this country.

Things will start turning uglier soon ! and its not going to be the Bhushans alone, Now fabricated evidences will soon come out against Arvind Kejriwal and may be even Anna Hazare, who will be named as having accepted some kind of Bribes or have some hand in some land or property or have done some kind of scam !! , Thats part and parcel of this political Community who dont seem to be liking the idea of getting the Jan Lokpal Bill made..Forget getting it approved in the Parliament.

Anna Hazare has already lashed out Congress President and NAC chief  Sonia Gandhi , warning her to inform her cadres not to get involved in smearing campaign against the peoples representatives in the  Jan Lokpal Bill drafting Committee and even Sonia Gandhi has been quick to respond with a positive note. Till yesterday the  Ex-Samajwadi party leader was singing a different tune and today he goes live on a News Channel and says ” Even I was a victim of Fabricated CD Campaign and its being done to tarnish the image of the India Against Corruption Movement, and the Bhushans should and would come clear out of it !! provided they give their Voice Samples and prove that its not their voice on the CD !! ? Well even he has been dragged to court by Shanti Bhushan when he initiated a contempt of court proceedings against former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh, so the gun has fired back in reverse for the former samajwadi leader already.

It seems the revenge time has started from the side of the Politicians who are trying to avenge the defeat what they suffered when the entire Nation stood up by joining hands in one way or the other with the India Against Corruption Movement, If the Bhushans are guilty why were these evidences not brought up before the campaign, why was the Land Dealing issue initiated only after the Co-Chairmanship was given to Shanti Bhushan ? Either they were already Corrupt !! or they are being told indirectly “Join us …dont dare to work and say something against us…all these will slowly and steadily topple out from the Pandora of the Political Parties itself.

Today the political parties are busy in preparing a way to get out of this Noose, which has come in their Neck and will get tightened if the Jan Lokpal Bill gets tabled in the Parliament and for them Unfortunately gets approved..so the best way out thought by them is “ATTACK IS THE BEST FORM OF DEFENCE “ and which seems to have  already started working, with so much Media Hype on the issue and some News Channels already forming a opinion that the Bhushans are Corrupt but not saying directly, stating if the Bhushans are not involved in any wrong doings they should come out in the open and declare the details…well…well…well. The plan is Pin Down the Toughs before they get Tougher and set out dictats in the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Well we at RTI Activist feel and agree with a saying “WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH…THE TOUGHS GET GOING” , The Touts maybe working behind the scenes framing and levelling allegations  but they forget one thing, If these guys are corrupt then the Jan Lokpal Bill will not spare them aswell so why create so much hype right away…let the Bill get drafted and approved and even they will fall under the same, after all they are not being selected as the JAN LOKPAL themselves and if proven guilty of the allegations even they will have their property confiscated along with many others who maybe involved with them….Its time the agents / Touts are told to hold back their tongues or else one more Andolan and they might get wiped off from the scenes of Politics and will have no standing in front of the Citizens of this Nation and it can be anybody starting from the lowest cader to a MP or a Minister …..BEWARE .

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