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I Will Not Enter Politics : Anna Hazare

10 April 2011 No Comment

Wake up, be right and get right.

Anna Hazare along with RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal has been the crusader for the Lokpal Bill and there have been doubts raised on Anna Hazare’s integrity, the Cracks are emminent when Baba Ramdev the so called supporter of Anna Hazare raised questions on the selection of the Panel, The Panel in which there are two members of the same family, who belong to the legal fraternity, but Hazare justified it by stating they are from the Legal background and non corrupt, thus their selection.

It was clear with this that Baba Ramdev who was along with Hazare when the protest started, suddenly was on the back foot, Baba Ramdev had already announced previously that he is forming a new political party and it will contest elections on all the seats, so it seems it was a jerk for him when he did’nt find a place in the panel, but Anna covered the same stating Ramdev misunderstood him.

Its become eminent that cracks have already emerged in the India Against Corruption Movement, Again due to political ambitions of a person, but the crusader has distanced himself from it in very clear terms stating “I will not contest an election, because what I can do from outside cannot do when I enter Politics, If  I enter Politics my deposit will get Confiscated…why ? because the Voters in this Country do not vote sensibly, they vote for One Bottle of Whisky, or for a party in a bar or for Rs.500.00, I don’t have a balance of 20 Crore rupees so even if  I stand for elections I am bound to lose.

As rightly said by Rajdeep Sardesai Editor in Chief of Cnn-Ibn, Anna Hazare is an Earthquake which shook the politicians of this Country, but the questions raised before Anna Hazare have also sense in it, What Anna along with his followers did was something against the democratic system of this country ” A Black Mail”, which was justified in its form when the Common man joined the Brigade and made it more bigger with the Media playing a part to highlight the issue.

Yes the issue of Corruption is much bigger than one person in this country, its only got more highlighted when it was taken up by a Senior Citizen like Anna Hazare or else what was happening when the same thing was highlighted by Magasay Award winner Arvind Kejriwal, he too accepted Anna as the person who will be speaking on behalf of them as a leader.

Its a question to be thought by all our fellow Country men , is really the mission statement what Anna has given is only his ? Its a question of the entire Country…We the Citizens , who have ignored this nuisance of Corruption which has erupted in to Giant Volcano and now we have to fight a battle against it, There are still people who think …..Its ok , He is fighting for it and saying what is right….but till then we will continue with our daily chores in life of paying out a bribe to get our work done.

Where are we justifying ourselves by doing that, we expect Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Dr.Kiran Bedi to resolve a issue for which we are responsible, this cannot end like this even if the Lokpal bill is enacted not even then !! why ? because we the citizens are not bothered in this country and have a CHALTA HAI (Its ok) attitude and every time we defy the very Goal of this movement by paying a Bribe to anybody.

So before we ask our Politicians its you and me who will have to change, because to bring a change we will have to change, so start with a pledge of not paying a bribe, dont wait for the bill to get enacted but put in your own efforts to erase of this menace and then, we wont need any Bills to be passed by the Government to erase it (Corruption).

Wake up , be right and get right.

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