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Tyranny Of The Unelected Or Tyranny Of The Elected ?

15 June 2011 No Comment

It ridicules every Citizen of this country; when the Congress party accuses team Anna of being undemocratic in talks with the government on the Lokpal bill, when they said “if democracy in the country has any threat, it is from the unelected tyrants.” Not only team Anna and Activists, even the citizens have been taken aback by the arrogance of Congress.

RTI Activist Arvind Kejriwal had stated that the Government Representatives while discussion of the Jan Lokpal Bill have pressurized them for not saying anything to the media about their disagreements and maintain that discussions are on !!!.whereas the fact is the Government Representatives in the committee have out rightly refused recommendations of the Civil Society representatives, the citizens of India can understand from this behavior who are the real Tyrants.

On one hand Manish Tewari the Congress spokes person states “there was need to clear confusion about what constitutes civil society, Such disrespect to people is with those who don’t respect democracy. They always keep threatening to go on fast even as the government is holding discussions with them,” this was in reference to Hazare’s statement that he would resume fast if the proposed bill was not passed by Aug 15.

Now someone needs to remind Manish Tewari that if their own Congressmen have been lying to people on the discussions being held and even encouraging the Civil society members to lie, what are they proving here ? they are not ready to draft out a strong Lokpal Bill which will change the entire view of India’s Governance by making even the Prime Minister accountable under its purview.

But that’s not acceptable to them and to top it Union Finance Minister Mr.Pranab Mukherjee ; has indirectly given a Soft threat by stating Emergency will not be imposed !!! he  Compared the current situation in the Country of having similarities to the 1970s which led the then Indira Gandhi regime to impose an emergency,isnt this a Tyranny on the part of Elected representatives ? The Government Machinery thinks the situation will become grim for them if India Against Corruption Movement creates difficulties for them by demanding something which has been prolonged from last 62years they will impose EMERGENCY,ridiculous, Mr.Mukherjee nobody denies the fact that not everyone is Corrupt, but in todays politics the elected representatives itself have betrayed the country by robbing it for their own benefits, CWG,2G spectrum scams are still a shameful reality which the Government is facing, but it still puts its head up and say we have taken action against the culprits !! where are the real culprits ? these are still scape goats, who will believe that only Suresh Kalmadi and A.Raja were the lone benificiaries of the kickbacks no one… was everyone else in the Government Sleeping when all these scams were happening.

By comparing the the JP Movement  and 21-month period of Emergency from June 25, 1975 to March 21, 1977 when it was imposed in India, Emergency had given the government the right to suspend civil rights. But what is happening today even if Emergency is not imposed the Government has still imposed Emergency and are trying to curb a Movement, which is not a Power struggle to rule this country, but to draft a law and get it passed in the Parliament,but the Government feels its black mailing or arrogance of unelected representatives, if from past 62 years various Governments have not approved a stringent law against Corruption it clearly shows what has led to the citizens of country standing up as brothers in arms, Gone are those days when the Government could think of curbing the citizens of this country by Imposing Emergency,its a open challenge to the Government ,give it a try and you will see all those who support this will never see the light of Political power again and will be written off by thumping rejection in elections.

Tthe Elected representatives are supposed to be Public Servants, who are elected to make life easier for the Country men they represent, but if they try to act as masters it will not take time for the people of this country to repeat a West Bengal style Elections washout and sweep out those who think of killing the spirit of Democracy. So please decide if its the Tyranny Of The Unelected Or Tyranny Of The Elected, as the day when the unelected (Country) men wake up and stand against the Elected Tyrants they will bring them down to their knees.


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