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Tired Of Encroachments In Reserved Plots, Borivali East Residents On Warpath In Mumbai

2 June 2011 No Comment

RTI Activist Krishnaraj Rao has brought to light the woes faced by the residents of the Borivli East neighbourhood of Kulupwadi, abutting the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, who are on the warpath against encroachment of their reserved plots. They are demanding the setting up of a proper playground or a Nana-Nani Park at the vacant municipal reserved plot No 559/C3, which is being encroached and used as an unofficial lorry depot. What is worse, it is used as a public toilet before sunrise, and for drug peddling, gambling and other nefarious activities after sunset. Also, it is being used for pig breeding and as a urinal all day.

Some photos attached.

More photos (Hi-Resolution): http://tinyurl.com/Kulupwadi-Plot-Encroachment

Tired of fruitlessly following up with the local Ward Office (R-Central) for many years, the Kulupwadi Residents Welfare Association (KRWA), which consists of about 50 building societies and chawls (with totally over 50,000 residents), conducted a signature campaign and collected over 1200 signatures. Armed with these signatures, they submitted petitions to Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan and to Municipal Commissioner Subodh Kumar last week.

Many of the signatories are senior citizens, women and youths who feel aggrieved at the lack of a local park or playground. TRM Nayar, Hon Secretary of KRWA, said that MCGM had not cared to set up even a single public garden or playground for the lakhs of residents of Borivali East, although the city’s Master Plan provided for several municipal and private Reserved Plots for establishing gardens, play grounds and recreation parks.

“The Association has decided to launch a Satyagraha  — an indefinite relay-fast by senior citizens starting first week of August. Our demands are that the authorities should take concrete steps within the next two months, firstly to stop the misuse and encroachment of the Reserved Plot, and secondly, to set up a Nani-Nani park or a playground,” says HK Rao, Association President.

The reserved plot, which is being misused as an open public toilet, is a cause of embarrassment and bad smells to the people of the adjoining residential buildings, not to mention school children in the adjoining plot.

The residents of Kulupwadi are fed up with the land grab in progress. Two adjoining plots of land, also for playground and public purposes, were grabbed in recent years and converted into a private school and a residential building. Yet another vacant reserved plot in this neighbourhood is being used by unofficial factories and workshops – some of which work all night long, causing air pollution and noise pollution.

TRM Nayar says: “We are sad that over the years most of these plots have been grabbed by influencial persons, and also illegally encroached by anti-social elements, even as the officials deliberately chose to close their eyes.”

He clarifies that the nearby National Park was not useful for the local residents, particularly children, ladies and senior citizens, because its entry was allowed only on payment Rs 20 per head. Also, entry is not allowed after 6 pm. “Residents of Borivali East desperately need separate public gardens and playgrounds for recreation,” he concludes.

Contact Persons

1.      KRWA President HK Rao 9820507592 hkrao35@gmail.com

2.      Hon Secretary TRM Nayer 9869478836 trmnayar@gmail.com

3.      Treasurer Sudesh Komath 9892156581

4.      Vice President Pravin Garg 9869151000

5.      Former Hon Secy Madhukar Lad 9930310318

6.      Joint Secy Pradeep Gangurde Cell 9892010628

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