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Security To Whistle Blowers & RTI Activists ? Is The Haryana Govt Joking !!!

10 September 2011 No Comment

RTI Activists and Whistle blowers who have been exposing the Corrupt Machinery within the Government are always Soft targets. Many a times before, policies have been formulated by various states for providing security to these brave hearts, but the final outcome remains a big ZERO.

In a recent development,the  state home department of Haryana issued a notification and introduced a policy to provide security to whistleblowers and RTI Activists in the state if they report to the police of specific threats. Is the Haryana Government Joking ?, In Jan 2011 RTI Activist Mahabir Singhs Daughter in law was killed by the sarpanch in in  Chandraval, Haryana. It is not that the Police department is unaware of the works of the Activists and deeds of the Corrupt but what happens ? Nothing !!!.

In the case of RTI Activist Shehla Masoods murder in in the Koh-e-Fiza area of Bhopal on August 16,2011, when She was about to leave to lead demonstrations in support of Anna Hazare’s agitation for a stronger Lokpal Bill. It has to be noted that she had complained to the Madhya Pradesh DGP SK Rout that she was told to withdraw her RTI’s by Pawan Shrivastava and had also written that she fears for her life from him, DGP Rout had referred her complaint to Bhopal IG who had initiated an enquiry in the same. Shehla had also presented her recorded conversations to the CIC (Chief Information Commissioner), with documents to prove her point that how the Cultural Department was working But what happened ? She was Shot Dead right ourside her house. Even after her death her family had immediately demanded a CBI enquiry in to her killing as they are sure that the police will cover the case to hide facts. Finally on Sept 04th CBI the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officially took over the investigations.

So how far the protection policy of  whistle Blowers and RTI Activists will actually be fruitful has to be seen, its also to be noted that Whistle Blowers Protection Bill which was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on 5TH AUGUST, 2011 is yet to be approved and implemented !!! and on 16th August Shehla Masood was murdered, so it really leaves everyone with an impression that is the Government really serious about the protection of Whistle Blowers & RTI Activist’s or it is purposely that the Bill is being delayed.

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