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RTI Documents : DC(Development Control) Rules for Mumbai Metropolitan Region

12 August 2011 One Comment

RTI Activist Krishnaraj Rao has shared with a guide for asking Documents under the DEVELOPMENT CONTROL REGULATIONS for Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).

Dear Friends,

It is easy to ask for documents under RTI Act when we know their exact names, and the exact rule numbers that require the creation of such documents.
In the DC Rules for Mumbai Metropolitan Region (attached), many such documents are mentioned. To learn about various projects, NAME THESE DOCUMENTS and request their copies under RTI, by mentioning the page numbers and the rule number of DG Rules. THIS WILL MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR THEM TO DENY INFORMATION.
See Page 378 of the Rules (attached file):
f) “Outline Development Proposal” means a document consisting of a statement and maps giving particulars of the proposed Organised Development.
g) “Planning Brief” means a statement by the Planning Authority specifying mandatory and optional planning requirements relating to the land for which Organised Development is proposed.
See Page 379: Any person who intends to carry out any development of the type listed in this Regulation anywhere in the Metropolitan Region shall submit to MMRDA a copy of the application along with the accompanying information for site clearance submitted by him to the Ministry of Environment and Forests in respect of the development proposed.
a) Mining projects;
b) Pit Headed Thermal Power Stations;
c) Hydro-power, major irrigation projects and/or their combination including flood control;
d) Ports and harbours (excluding minor ports); and
e) Prospecting and exploration of major minerals in area above 500 ha. Any person who intends to carry out any development of the type listed in this
Regulation anywhere in the Metropolitan Region shall submit to MMRDA a copy of the application for development permission submitted by him to the Planning Authority concerned, along with the information in the form prescribed in Annexure-A.15.1. If the environmental screening based on this information indicates that the proposed development will have significant impact on the environment, the MMRDA may, at its discretion, call upon the applicant to submit an EIA and EMP report for such development.
a) All projects listed as item (a) to (e) in Regulation where investment is above Rs. 50 crores.
b) Minor ports and harbours.
c) Quarrying for stone, murum, and earth, including sand dredging from rivers, creeks
and estuaries.
d) Hotels, tourist resorts, holiday homes, and health farms/centre, amusement parks and motels in G Zone, and Recreational and Tourism Zone on land admeasuring more than 0.4 ha.
e) Any development of land admeasuring 25 ha. or more, except in U1 Zone f) Setting up of a new industrial unit or expansion of an existing one where the investment is Rs.100 Crore or more or the land area is more than 25 ha.
g) Development of land for industrial purpose in U-2 Zone.
h) Any development of wetlands including reclamation, bunding etc. for salt pans, fish farms etc.
i) Film and video shooting sites on land admeasuring 5 ha. or more.
j) Poultry farms, cattle stables, piggeries, having an investment more than Rs. 1.00 crore.
Note: The EIA report referred to in the foregoing shall be prepared in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF), Govt. of India from time to time.
See Page 382: The Organised Development may be undertaken by a co-operative society of land owners, a land owner, developer or builder on behalf of a land owner, local authority or any public agency who shall submit to the planning authority or where there is no Planning Authority the Collector of the District, an Outline Development Proposal (ODP) for approval in principle. Such ODP shall indicate (through index map, sketch plan and description) brief particulars of the proposed Organised Development, such as, a) Location and area of the land, including particulars of the surrounding development.
b) Existing and proposed access to sites.
c) Land uses or activities proposed.
d) Proposal for provision of basic infrastructure, such as, roads, storm water drainage, water supply, waste disposal facilities, power supply, etc.
See Page 383: Based on the approved ODP, or the Planning Brief referred to in Regulation above, an application for Development Permission for organised development shall be made. Such application shall include the following :
a) Sub-division of land into plots or layout of buildings and proposed use of plots or buildings.
b) Existing or proposed roads of the Regional Plan, Development Plan, Planning Proposals or Layout, access road to individual plots and building and parking arrangements.
c) Recreational open spaces, spaces reserved for social facilities and amenities, such as, shopping centres, schools, community centres, health centres, etc., Utility services, such as, electric sub-station, water tank and pump house, sewage treatment plant, etc.
d) Landscape plan of the area.
e) Details of the arrangements for provision of water supply including source, treatment and distribution arrangements.
f) Details of the arrangements for collection, treatment and disposal of liquid and solid waste.
g) Details of the arrangements for electricity supply and distribution including provision of street lights.
Also read Annexure II (Page 404 onwards):
You will find a number of useful GRs, guidelines and names of various kinds of documents such as Location Plan, Excavation Plan, Restoration Plan, Landscaping Proposal etc. that must be submitted to MMRDA.
DC Regulations MMR 1999

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