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RTI Activist Shehla Masood’s Killing !! Does It Make A Difference To Our Country Men ?

21 August 2011 No Comment

(From the Editor’s Desk) 6 days after the murder of RTI Activist Shehla Masood in Bhopal right outside her residence; clues are yet to be found by the Police. The police in turn have created a theory of self inflicted wounds or suicide by Shehla Masood, But how far does that theory stand.

Shehla was a well known RTI Crusader and had filed a lot of RTI’s in regard with various issues she was struggling with, Shehla Masood was also playing a key role in her city’s Anna Hazare movement.

And it is now coming out through findings by the media that Late Shehla Masood was also told withdraw her RTI’s in 2009  by IPS Officer Pawan Shrivastava who was the Director in Cultural Department then, infact Shehla Masood had complained the same  by a letter to the Madhya Pradesh DGP SK Rout that she was told to withdraw her RTI’s by Pawan Shrivastava and had also written that she fears for her life from him, DGP Rout had referred her complaint to Bhopal IG who had initiated an enquiry in the same. Shehla had also presented her recorded conversations to the CIC (Chief Information Commissioner), with documents to prove her point that how the Cultural Department was working. Even after her death her family had immediately demanded a CBI enquiry in to her killing as they are sure that the police will cover the case to hide facts. Meanwhile the DGP has assured that everyone will be probed including IPS Officer Pawan Shrivastava.

It seems that RTI Activist’s or Crusaders who work for the betterment of the society have no body to back them, neither the Police nor the Government, they are soft targets and will always be till the whistle blowers bill is enacted and implemented, But in the near future it seems that only the Jan Lokpal issue is going to do the rounds of the Politicians and Parliament, If at all, as Activist Aruna Roy states; NCPRI’s (National Campaign for People’s Right to Information) version of Lokpal bill are not taken in to consideration which includes a seperate Lokpal for whistle Blowers things will not change.

What do you do after exposing the corruption prevailing is a major question which activists across India ask, forward the findings to the media, who sometimes plays as a big brother and overdoes and goes overboard on an issue, leave aside a few channels who have actually worked on issues brought to their notice and highlighted it, to get the Government moving on it, rest all the channels are busy creating higher TRP rankings, which way that comes is not cared.

The overall scenario in our country is made to look like ” Every one in this country who holds a Officials post in any Government office is Corrupt” There is no denying of the fact that yes Corruption has entered in to Grass root levels of our system, but there are few officers who have braved against corruption themselves in their own departments against their own colleagues and officers, and they have been made victims for speaking out against their own colleagues and Seniors . How many of us know that in many offices there are people who are afraid of losing their own bread and butter if they open their mouth ? To this everyone will have a reply ” someone has to pay a price and fight against corruption “ Its a question to every Indian here and where ever they are in the world ” How many of us Practice what we preach” ? Every one sings Patriotic songs, takes out rallies but how many of  us are ready to take up a cause and fight for a cause as an Activist ? a mere 10% us !!! Everyone says I have a responsibility of my family, let me first make something for them and become something then we will dedicate ourselves to Social work.

If RTI Activist Shehla Masood or many of those activists who have been killed or attacked would have thought that they will work for themselves first and later think about social work, they would not have got attacked or lost their lives in exposing the corrupt. Corruption is not where it is seen… it is a unseen fact, which we as a Nation are yet to realize. If you see something wrong dont just expect someone else will do the dirty job of cleaning and correcting it, The responsibility is on you “As an Indian……Stand up and tackle the problem Face up.


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