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RTI Activist News Questions …Where Is ACP Dhoble When His Own Department Officers Are Flouting Norms ?

29 June 2012 No Comment

RTI Activist News Questions …Where Is ACP Dhoble, When His Own Department Officers Are Flouting Norms ?

Controversial Cop, ACP Vasant Dhoble

(From the Desk of the Editor) It may aghast some and it may create a sense of reliability in some, when it comes down to the controversial “Assistant Commissioner of Police Vasant Dhoble”, whose raids at bars and nightclubs, often with hockey sticks and cameras, have provoked the city’s outrage, Its not to refute any charges made by him or made against him, but it is to question the very nature in which our Police Department has been functioning.

RTI Activist Jeetendra Ghadge

RTI Activist Jeetendra Ghatge says “People may find it surprising but I support ACP Dhoble’s action on cracking down on pubs, hookahs  parlours and resturant owners who shamelessly flaunt laws. I have been in the forefront in exposing various irregularities of Mumbai Police and people assume that I am anti-Police. Let me make it clear that I am anti-Corrupt Police“.

Moral Policing  ? does “Assistant Commissioner of Police Vasant Dhoble” stand true on it ? He was suspended in 1989 for accepting a bribe in Pune. In 1994, he was sentenced to seven years in prison and fined a lakh for his role in a custodial death. He was dismissed from the force but reinstated in 1996, after his jail sentence was dismissed by the Mumbai High Court.A departmental inquiry against him is still pending in this case – the Supreme Court had ordered this and when such a person is given a charge of the Social Services branch it is bound to raise eyebrows, though the Commissioner of Police  Mr. Arup Patanik in an interview to a news channel had stated that ACP Vasant Dhoble has run into trouble because some of the places he raided had “high-powered and political links though Dhoble has been asked to tone down his aggression, he is doing his job. Mr. Arup Patanik went on to say that he is running an enforcement organization, not a charity,What does this mean ? “

Our Police department is long known for its Settings with  Political honchos, even ACP Vasant Dhoble’s track record in the police force  has many blemishes, but political patronage has protected him !!! and such a Cop talking about moral Policing surprises us. Even today, Bars across the city run late in the Night and the Police are aware of it but not every bar is raided !!! why ? because ACP Vasant Dhoble does not know it ? No… its because the Police station of that area receive a fixed Hafta from those Bars and additional after ACP Dhoble started raiding bars across the city !!!, how many bars across the city in and around Mumbai still have bar girls dancing ?  but they still run their bars right till the wee hours of the morning, if you go near Check Nakas across Mumbai and Thane you will find Bars running and girls leaving in the wee hours of morning at 6am !!!!,In fact there are Cops in Civil clothes who are seen gulping free alcohol and even womanizing in these not so famous bars during their official duty timings and after that aswell !!! where is ACP Dhoble at that time ???

Though what he is doing currently may not seem justified, but it seems either he has decided to wipe off the ” Corrupt and custodial death tag against his name “ or ” He has made up his mind to make big and quick money Soon “ and this may be part of his plan to make an impression at large. Mr.Dhoble there are beer shops running right next to call centers where there are boys and girls seen gulping alcohol right on the roads, there are bars running who do not even have a permit , they have a permit for one place and on the same permit they are running bars in different locations !!! are you not aware of these ? Bar joints running till 2am in the morning, where cops are sitting and drinking and when a common man goes in there at late night moral policing comes in to picture !!! quite surprising, If you really want to send a message across, prove that you are not corrupt by arresting such cops as well !!!.


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