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RTI Activist News Had Highlighted Illegal Constructions Booming In Thane …..Mumbra Building Collapse Just Brought It To Lime Light.

9 May 2013 No Comment

Illegal Mumbra building which crashed

RTI Activist News had highlighted the issue of Booming Illegal Constructions in Thane in its article in December Illegal Construction On Forest Land : Who To Blame, Municipal Corporation,Politicians Or Sub Registrar Office ?, The Mumbra Building Collapse on April 06, 2013, just brought it to Lime light and exposed the Politicians, Babus and Police Nexus!!! , but this already existed not from today but from last 2 decades, buildings/ chawls were and are being built with the blessings of these people and many more for vote bank and money but nothing concrete happens on this.

We at RTI Activist News question the Government, where they not aware of these illegal constructions in the making stages ?,the entire machinery is corrupt totally !!!, Today top state officials are said to be probing the Mumbra building crash !!! was our entire Government Machinery sleeping when these were being made ?

Even today when this article is being published scores of illegal floors are being made or are already made and are ready for sale, the buck does not stop only on small builders , even big and famous construction houses are involved in this, there was a circular issued by the Collector of Thane to the District Sub-Registrar office for not registering any documents of a big Builder in Thane !!! for using FSI above the permitted limits, adhoc registrations of such flats still continued, infact builders have given power of attorney to agents itself who don’t need anything except the stamp duty paid document and the purchaser, the agent signs on behalf of the Builder and witnesses as well, which are already present, if the documents are checked at the sub-registrar office in thane City it will be found that 4 common people are witnesses in every 2nd document of sale, yes there is no restriction on who the witnesses are in the purchase agreement but there has to be a watch as to what happens behind the scenes.

Our ongoing investigation has also brought to our notice astonishing facts, which are ignored by the TMC,Police and Sub-Registrar offices across Thane…Despite of the fact known that the constructions are illegal, The Thane Municipal Corporation has already decided Property tax and even sent with illegal construction mentioned on the bill, Police is aware of the happenings but is sitting happy with its eyes closed stating we are not aware what permissions are the builders having so how do we interfere ( where as they are already managed in terms of staying away from such sites) Sub- Registrar office is the cream of all , for them its “we got the document which had all papers so how do we know if the building is legal or illegal or if it is illegal how much part is illegal, we have just recorded the sale transaction and verified that the stamp duty to the Government has been paid and registered the document !!!!!.”

Where and with whom does the problem begin or remains laid ? The State Government  has been sitting on a process of registration of all Builders and Developers without which they cannot do any construction work….but will this happen ? never !!! refer this article of Buisness Standard “Maharashtra government has incurred a revenue loss due to the non registration of builders and developers in the state.  Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG) in its report for the year ended March 2012 said 941 builders and developers out of 1,219  whose turnover of sales was Rs 2,301.12 crore,  though liable for registration were not registered under Maharashtra Value Added Tax (MVAT). Further, 66 out of 278 registered builders and developers, did not pay any tax on turnover of sales of Rs 733.50 crore. Nine builders and developers had paid VAT on a part of their turnover : Rs 57.50 lakh only, against Rs 3.08 crore on turnover of sales of Rs 307.85 crore.

CAG made these observations based on cross verification data obtained from the offices of the sub registrars of Stamp Duty and Registration at Amravati, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune and Thane. In 2007, the levy of tax on builders and developers was challeged by the Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry in the Mumbai high court. However, the high court in its order dated April 10, 2012 held no merit in the challenge to the costitutional validity of the composition scheme introduced by the state government. MCHI filed special leave petition in the apex court. In Augusut 2012, the Supreme Court  gave a stay order towards the coercive process for recovery of tax, interest and penalty and also extended the time period for registration by builders and developers upto October 31, 2012.”

If the government wants to keep a check on illegal constructions, it has to keep a tight check on lot of factors, stop the inflow of sand trucks to the site without mandatory permissions which have to be mentioned on the Royalty receipt itself, which in turn will make it clear that if the project or building is listed under construction or repair, How…? in the times of e-governance this question ridicules !!! the chain or process starts with building material, keep a tight vigil on the sand mafia and block them, half problems will be solved….yes we said Half, because still half sand trenching and distribution are run by Politicians, On the condition of anonymity a Police officer said ” what should we do ? we have instruction from top officials not to stop these sand trucks as they belong to a very strong NCP Politician and Minister in Maharashtra, Forget Royalty  the drivers of these trucks are drunk most of the time and don’t even have papers of the trucks and if we try to stop them they abuse us if we manage to stop them and call up the ring leader,who in turn immediately calls our Headquarters and we are reprimanded, a few truck drivers even tried to run over us when we tried to stop them, so why should we put our lives at stake , If the Police is being said as Corrupt, these Politicians are the first chain who forcibly make things happen, stop them and everything will stop”

There is still time for the Government wake up….wake up before its too late, regularising illegal constructions every time will not solve a problem, kill the root of it and Lives and hard earned money of scores of people will be saved.

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