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RTI Activist Nadeem Sayeed’s Killing In Ahmedabad ,Again Highlights Need Of Whistle Blowers Protection Bill.

10 November 2011 No Comment

(From the Editors Desk )RTI activist  Nadeem Sayeeds Killing again highlights the Need of Whistle Blowers Protection Bill. Nadeem Sayeed was murdered on 5th November in the morning at 7:45 am it is said that he was actively involved in exposing illegal slaughter houses was killed in Ahmedabad’s Juhupura area . On 5th November 2011 at around 7.45 am unidentified people attacked Nadeem Sayeed with sharp weapons, Nadeem Succumbed to his injuries on the spot.

This was not a first attack on Nadeem Sayeed, he was  brutally attacked last year aswell. Sayeed had filed several public interest litigations in the Gujarat High Court over sanitation issues in the Juhapura area. He was also a key witness in the Naroda Patiya case, where he exposed some people who were allegedly involved in tampering of evidence.

Right to Information RTI Activists in Gujarat held a condolence meet in Juhapura the next day near Juhapura water tank where Sayeed’s family members, RTI activists and Naroda Patiya victims and witnesses participated. Whereas most of the Activists where of a view that leaders are provided with security, whereas it should be for the activists who highlight Corruption and issues.

The Whistle Blowers Protection Bill was introduced in August 2011 but its still in the wait, The Government may be projecting that is keen on giving Protection to Whistle Blowers, but the killings project its image Negatively,even in our earlier article Security To Whistle Blowers & RTI Activists ? Is the Government Joking. We at RTI Activist News have been projecting the issue time and again but it seems the Government is sitting with its ears shut. Shehla Masood, Amit Jethwa and many other Activists have already lost their lives but does the Government Care ? Infact it again highlights the nexus between the Cops and politicians at least in the case of RTI Activist Nadeem Sayeed, most of the RTI Activists in Gujarat feel that Nadeem was not murdered for illegal cow slaughter business he had exposed, but he could have paid the price with his life as he was a key witness in the 2002 Naroda-Patiya riot case. People associated with the riot cases suspect that Nadeem was eliminated to send out a warning message to other riot witnesses, if you refer this report of DNA Nadeem Sayeed murdered to scare other Gujarat riot case witnesses? it brings to light lot of facts, so the nexus still remains and it will continue to run, till the time the whistle blowers bill is actually not implemented, with a will to protect the activists who lay their lives on the sword for the benefit of the society.

Wake up Congress Government its high time now, as it is not Anna Hazare or Arvind Kejriwal….whom you are involved with in showing of your power and hypocrisy, but its the Common Citizen (aam aadmi), who has been bearing the brunt of your Governments negligent behavior and lives are being lost every other day and somewhere down the line the politicians of this country are time and again proved to be corrupt. These Politician stretch across all Political Party lines.

Either the Governments shows it has spine and approves and implements the Whistle Blowers Protection Bill or it will be understood that the Corrupt will not tolerate  Brave heart RTI Activists and the Government is standing with the Corrupts Shoulder to Shoulder sildenafil citrate tablets.

Jai Hind.

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