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RTI Activist Gathers Evidence Of Corruption Prevailing in Sales Tax Office !!!!

5 October 2011 2 Comments

Many people say that in any Government Department, bribery exists in some form or the other,Following the motto of exposing the corrupt, RTI Activist News team has now gathered evidence in a form which can be proved correct in any court of law and which will prove  that sales tax department officials are pinning down files of refund for a percentage or cash amount to clear them, got a shock ? Not really as everyone is aware of the happenings, but we are holding evidence of it and will be moving and presenting it to the Anti corruption Committee very soon, the incident is of Sales tax office in Mumbai City further investigations are on from our end to make the case fool proof so even if one evidence is tampered and changed to save skin of a corrupt official, the standby evidences will come in handy.

Today to take out a Vat or CST Number, few palms have to be always greased, even if the business owner is clean chit the process of making him corrupt starts from Government Offices. If someone wants to verify this claim, they can go to the office of the sales tax department in Mumbai where returns have been filed, the inspections have been done but the files again goes back to square one as the officer concerned gets transferred or has a query, today refunds of 2007-2008 are pending with the Sales tax department !!! why ? well the reply of the officer is ” I dont have the inspection report,there is a query as from the vendor you purchased your finished goods or raw material has not filed his Vat returns”.

Something or the other reason is there to justify that the tax payer is made to bog down and give in to the demands placed indirectly in the form of harassment of following up over and over again with the department or a straight forward demand is made for a percentage or amount, RTI Activist team has evidence to prove one such incident where a official has purposely held the file back of a small scale industry owner in which even after a inspection carried out and all the documents i.e. invoices sent to the department nothing has moved since 3years, and why is it so ? because the concerned officer who was present at that time and had come for inspection has now gone on leave or has been transferred due to some reasons, and the inspection report which included the Site Visit report is not found by the next person to come in and now who has demanded Rs.20000.00 to clear a refund of Rs.2 lacs !!!

The small scale industry owner states “even after filing my returns religiously the harassment continues and I still have to bribe them to get my legal refund due to me” Incidents such as these happen with every one who has been interacting with this department, many chose to stay mum or say ” Its a practice if we dont bribe them they will unnecessarily harass us , they are a government Department why call for trouble purposely, its better pay them and get over with it, at least the amount which is rightfully mine will come to me”. Another Business person stated ” This practice makes people start cheating in filing their returns, if we have to pay a bribe of 10% of our returns its better we write off 40% to 60% returns and get over with it by paying the officials a bribe of 10% or a lump some amount” so no verification is done or if its done its as per what we say or show.

On one end the Central Government has been saying they want to end corruption and on the other hand every Government Department has one or the other scam hanging out, if we at RTI Activist are putting this news up we very well know that the department will target the whistle blower, but as we and other activists have been saying in their articles, someone will have to gather courage and fight back these issues or one day nothing will move without a bribe.

Today we give a call to everyone in this country if someone has asked you a bribe for giving you something what is rightfully yours, write to us before you go or think of paying him, trap him and get him caught !!!! one day or the other this treatment will have to be meted out to the corrupt, people will say or feel its better not to get involved in this ,everyone in this country stands up raising slogans in praise of Anna Hazare, what have you done for rooting out corruption, everyone gets carried away in emotions and thinks of saying No to Corruption but what is practically happening today things still continue to happen and nothing changes the manner of asking a bribe changes but it doesn’t stop, today some Government officials get afraid to ask directly but someway or the other the message is sent across.


  • Muralidhar said:

    Sales tax official asking for 5000 for Registering my company VAT (we are willing to pay 350000 tax immediately but don’t have TIN)

  • editor (author) said:


    You are from Delhi,

    Please mail us the details on the contact us page or the email id news@rtiactivist.com, with your contact number and we will revert back to you.